One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


12. The Fight Chapter 1

Chase noticed what was wrong when she literally tripped over the dead body of Terris one of the strike unit members.


It was clear he had been killed by a single shot from a long range weapon.

As she tripped, she felt the heat from a rocket as it flew over her head, then felt the impact of the explosion as it struck the front wall of the building, the force of the hit sending her flying.


Then, as she was flying through the air first she felt the heat from it and then she saw a second rocket that went into the already damaged building through an open window and she heard it explode.


Chase caught by surprise from the blast and the shock of seeing the missile hit building left her unprepared to protect herself and she hit the ground hard.


Chase got to her feet, she looked around and although she couldn't see anyone, she could definitely feel that someone was out there.


Whoever it was, they had psychic abilities and they were putting up a strong defensive wall.


Chase tried to break through, but even though she couldn't, she did manage to catch something to feel around the edges and that's when she realised it was more than just one person she detected there were a handful of people probably more.


She gathered it was more cult members, and they were there to attack her team someone had survived the blast long enough to alert others they'd been attacked and she knew that it had to have been Danions' mum she had gotten word out to other members and now they were after revenge.


Was this her fault, if she had killed her when she was ordered to would she have been able to get a message out or had she already done it before she even entered the building.


Chase had to put her thoughts aside, this was no time for more worrying and examination  of her actions.

She turned and saw the further damage done to the already damaged structure.


She knew her dad, Alex and Mal and the others were still in there and the physic block was preventing her from making contact with them.


As pissed off as she was with Caleb while his life was in danger he was her dad again and she knew she had to get back inside and see for herself if he was ok.


She had to wonder what the other cult members were waiting for they had to know she had detected them and beyond the rockets they fired which weren't actually fired at her but at the building.


Chase quickly realised that it was her they waiting for, they knew unless there were a couple of hundred of them, she could and would face them head on and more than likely win.


Which meant they didn't know or didn't have time to prepare for coming face to face with a Demon Hunter so they were waiting for someone or something to come along and take her out.


If that thing wasn't here yet she had an opening and ran for cover as she attempted to get back inside.


Before she'd even made it a few steps the ones in hiding fired another rocket directly in her path and she was again blown off her feet and sent flying backwards again without time to protect herself she landed hard on her back.


Chase felt some minor pains from the rough landing, but was nowhere near out of the fight and quickly got back up just as she heard a second and third rocket being fired at her from different directions.


Chase knew they were coming this time she had been able to tune out the distractions of her fears for her father and her friends the fears over if this was her fault and stopped  trying to break through the psychic barrier and could even hear the sound of them putting the rockets in their launchers before they steadied them to aim and fire at her.


Chase was able to run from the first rocket and take cover behind a vehicle to avoid the blast and then  just as quickly get out from behind there and run toward the second rocket sliding underneath it, then back to her feet and jump high enough in the air to avoid the blast and Shockwave that followed.


As she landed Chase heard the crack from a particular kind of rifle as a bullet was being loaded into the chamber, then it was fired and she threw herself to the floor.


The shot had been fired by a pretty decent marksman and it would've hit Chase between the eyes and although she might be strong she isn't bulletproof she would stand a better chance of surviving a gunshot wound than an ordinary human a bullet to the head could still kill her.


The gunman was ordered to stop shooting to save ammunition as they only had only managed to get hold of a limited amount from a third hideaway after learning of the attacks on their two main bases.


Arthur the leader of this group knew he didn't have any idea how many people were inside so didn't want to waste any trying to take out the female Demon Hunter.


Anyway, he got the psychic signal from the members they had sneaked inside their ruins, of their  main base and they had set loose what they kept in the underground section of the building.


Now it was only a matter of time before it arrives to take out the Hunter or at the very least occupy her while they get in and take on the others and more importantly to retrieve the item he knew was still safely secured undamaged and unknown to the scum who'd attacked them.


Without the item all hope of bringing their master Acafra back from beyond the barrier was gone.


He knew it was more important they achieve that than for him to get revenge for the death of his son and the likely death of his beloved wife.


He knew that if they failed it would mean another generation, laying down their lives in sacrifice and penance for their failures to again restore their master to his rightful place as ruler of all humans in this world.


Not when they were so close to succeeding and having remained undiscovered by the Demon Hunters and their allies for so long.


He knew as much as he wanted revenge for the murder of his wife as he knew despite his hopes she must be dead after all his efforts to contact her were unanswered.


To a lesser extent he wanted revenge for the death of their son Danion but he couldn't help but feel this would somehow turn out to be the boy's fault.


He considered his son to be weak and had no backbone for fighting the war that was coming.


He was to pathetically in love with the idea of Humanity continuing on its own path and not at all interested in its rightful place in servitude to the Demon Master.


He knew succeeding in the mission to bring back Acafra would be his best revenge, not some fist fight or guns or swords that he knew he might lose.


Having thrown herself to the floor, Chase lay there for a few minutes expecting more gunshots as they attempted to take her out they way they had murdered Terris, but they never came and she soon realised why.


They thought they had an ace up their sleeve or at least they hoped they did, they had a Demon at their disposal to take her on.


Chase began to get excited at the thought of coming up against an actual Demon, she heard the roar before she got her first look at the creature as it came from behind the building.


When she saw it, she recognized, although she'd never fought one before she had seen pictures of them in the books.


The books belonging to her father or Baine and Isobel, she had read and reread growing up and in training to take up her purpose in life her destiny being a Demon Hunter.


This thing was a Rocnar they were big things, but not overly gifted thinkers they relied on brute force and Chase knew she could match a lot of creatures for strength, but she had agility and creativity in a battle to be confident she could beat any Demon she faced, especially one as dumb as a Rocnar.


She knew could get the fight going on her terms all she had to do was rile the beast  get it to attack and she knew she could then take him in counter attacks.


She started talking, yelling at the Rocnar trying to provoke it.


"Hey, you know what people I care about might be dead and even if some of them have pissed me off so much I'm still angry when garbage like the Humans who keep you as a pet might have hurt them so I'm really in the mood to inflict some quality violence on someone or something, at the best of times I don't need any extra motivation to kill a Demon so you know what; if you want some of me you better give it all you got if you want a chance to take me out."

"SO COME ON, BRING IT, ALL YOU'VE GOT TO BARE, AND I WILL STILL KICK YOUR ASS. You hear me, you big ugly mutt Demon.

"You big ugly, dumb, mute Demon, so why am I wasting my time trying to taunt you, oh right mute doesn't mean deaf does it; so


"I know you hear me, come on, what are you waiting for huh?"


"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" She yelled again.


To Be Continued...

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