One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


16. Teenage Kicks

Briony saw him turn toward her and aim and fire at her. 


As quickly as she could, she turned all the way around and threw herself back down the stairs, but she couldn't avoid being hit taking the brunt of the it in the back.


Even then, with as much pain as she was in Briony was still able to roll over and shoot back, hitting the gun, knocking it out of her brothers' hands before she passed out.


With no weapon in his hand and Caleb still in his head catching Logan between wanting to attack and the desire for self-preservation so he could get Briony to Arthur to heal her.


Caleb nodded to Mal as he spoke to him directly in his mind, telling him to go and finish Logan. The order being given the command psychically annoyed Mal.


"Speak the words old man, don't ever crawl inside my head again, do you hear me," Mal spat at Caleb.


"Oh, grow up brother and just do what Caleb tells you to do."


"Why am I not surprised to hear my dear brother still taking orders from this vicious bastard, Mal said pointing at Caleb."


"Okay fine I'll do it, but let him go."


"What," Caleb asked, surprised by the request.


"If you want me to kill him, I want you to get out of his head so it's somewhat of a fair fight, is that clear enough, some of us aren't as keen on slaughtering the unarmed," Mal told him.


Caleb was angry but did what Mal asked, he still had a great fondness for him despite all he'd done to drive him away from Chase, and his almost constant questioning of his orders and intentions, since the day he took him and Alex in.


He admired Malikhi's tenacity and his determination to never be a slave to any one as he often described his place in the cult of Amarohs.


Caleb had long favored Mal over his brother and wished that he was the one who thought of him as a father figure and not Alex.


Which is why his words a short time earlier about whether he would indeed have sacrificed one or both, if others among Amarohs  believers had killed the only two friends he had left had stuck in his head and increasing the few small the seeds of doubt in his mind about whether his recent actions had been overkill. 


Thinking back to the moment a devastated Jak had informed him that Baine and Isobel been murdered, he'd had only one thing on his mind, revenge. 


He along with Chase, Alex and Malikhi had travelled to different cities and different countries, sometimes hunting by themselves and sometimes with C.I.U teams for answers. In both cases they were left with nothing to show for it. Chase and Caleb getting angrier and more frustrated.


Upon their arrival in this country they were relying on the intelligence gathering of its Cult Investigation Unit to hunt down all the group's operating there.


In taking down several groups who all worshiped different Demons, they uncovered rumours of a new group, the days spent investigating those rumours led them to a building where a suspected member of this group they had found lived.


To then see through the ultraviolet scope the mark on the flesh of not just one, that identified him as a member, not a new group, but an old one that he had been arrogant believing he had wiped them all from the face of the planet.


Caleb felt like the deaths of the only people he had thought of as friends were his fault, after the three of them had successfully stopped his worshipers bringing Acafra back, Baine and Isobel took the infant Jak into hiding to protect him until they were sure all Acafra's followers were gone.


Caleb was the one who led teams into all the places those followers had lived and worked questioning their work colleagues, family and friends until he was certain that he'd got them all.


The memory of that failure drove him to make the mistake ruining what should have been a relatively simple operation. Now he had taken out a lot more new followers, but at the cost of three members of the local Cult unit he knew of plus seemingly irrevocable damage to his relationships with Chase and Malikhi.


The sound of his name being called, brought Caleb back to reality.


"Caleb, Caleb," Malikhi called out to him, "where are you."


Back in the real world, Caleb finally heard Malikhi and Alex and realizing what they wanted, he let his mind control over Logan go and watched as Malikhi charged out even after he had safely holstered his weapons Mal went out to engage him in a fist fight.


It took Logan a few seconds before realising he was free as he saw the man charging at him, Malikhiturned the corner and saw the man staring at him still be rooted to the spot, unaware he was free of Caleb's control.


Mal picked up speed and started running the short distance between them, having to shift his upper body to the left to avoid the sloppy punch his opponent threw out, Mal saw how young he was at a guess probably thirteen and as he got a quick look at the other one, he saw it was a girl and she was probably a bit younger than the boy.


Mal was a big guy he had worked out and lifted weights since shortly after he came into Caleb's care. He was muscular, Chase often said to him that his arms were twice the size of hers, although none of that extra muscle helped him to ever beat her at arm wrestling or any other physical training they engaged in.


Malikhi grabbed the arm as it sailed past his face, he decided he didn't have the stomach right  then to beat this kid down as much as he wanted to inflict pain on someone to channel all the anger he was feeling. After everything he had been through growing up in a cult and with what Caleb had done today in mind, he knew he certainly didn't want to kill him.


He just wanted this fight over as quickly as possible, he twisted the boy's arm and used it to yank him forward pulling him towards him. Then spinning Logan around so now he had him with his back to him and still holding his arm he twisted it up behind his back.


Mal grabbed the back of the top Logan was wearing and shoved him forward as hard and as fast as he could head first into what was left of the wall, knocking him unconscious.


He tossed him down the steps and he landed on top of Briony. The other cult members heard the shots and looked up but they didn't see Briony get hit or Mal take down Logan. 


Even if they had done they weren't going to go up to help not Jonah, the one most intent on going after Caleb and the others. Nor Briony and Logan's father, Herschel as one of the elder members, he and the rest of them were following orders, to keep guard and stay out-of-the-way of the Hunter and her people.


Arthur led Manx, Rogan and Storie through the secret door that had been hidden behind a wall that was now just a pile of rubble.


There was enough rubble piled up in front of it so no one on Caleb's team saw it, door as they searched through the wreckage.


Arthur and the other three had to clear away that pile to get to it, once they'd done that Arthur opened the door with the keys only he and his wife had. 


He led the other three behind the door where there was a stairwell that they had built to lead them down to the specially created vault, that was structurally reinforced to withstand the entire building above its destruction.


​Arthur believed it was the most important part of the building that it had survived gave him a small piece of satisfaction and hope that his wife's death might mean something if they can get the box out and use its contents to make sure they are successfully bring back their master.


Back up on the third floor Caleb and Alex came down to Mal. Caleb wasn't happy to see that he had let the boy live and he was even less pleased to see that the girl, was still alive after his attempt on her life.


"Ok let's go get the rest of them, do it right and we can finish them off quickly before they can regroup and launch a counter attack."


"Ha, do it right, so when exactly did any part of this mission go right, I'd love to hear when exactly you think that was," Malikhi said, laughing as he did.


"Ok, so maybe that was a poor choice of words, but are you going to jump on every little thing I say that seems a little childish doesn't it?" Caleb replied.


Before Malikhi could even answer all three of them heard the sounds of yelling followed by the sounds of gunfire.


They looked over the side to see Chase attacking the cult followers.

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