One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


17. Push The Button

Having defeated the Rocnar, Chase came back in to the crumbling building and saw the four cult followers, all armed with rifles or pistols.


Thankfully they were all adults so Chase had no hesitation in steaming in to take them out, she knew she didn't have any ammo left so she withdrew both of her blades as she charged at them. 


Even getting a slight warning hearing Chase scream as she appeared out of nowhere to come rushing straight at them, they were still unprepared and she made short work of three of them. Johan was the first to go as she decapitated him, taking his head clean off his shoulders with her first swing.


The other two were shooting at her but she was too quick dodging their shots then getting in between them and swinging both blades at them she sliced the hands they were holding their weapons with off. 


Before they could succumb to the pain or the shock of blood loss she ran her blades through their chests piercing their hearts killing them instantly.


Herschel dropped his weapon straight away and ran to warn Arthur and the others. Chase saw him run away and followed him after dispatching the other three.


Arthur and the others had heard the sounds of yelling and gunfire and then the obvious screams of pain of their fellow believers as Chase killed them. Arthur decided he couldn't risk the four of them trying to get away in one group, so he had to go with the back up plan. 


Arthur opened the box to split up the six items inside, his three loyal subordinates would each take two pieces, each of them taking a separate journey to a rendezvous point half way around the world from where they were now in the township.


Herschel came rushing in to warn Arthur, he gathered before Herschel had even spoken from the quiet coming from outside that it had been the Hunter, who had attacked and killed the rest and that she was now on her way to them.


Arthur quickly ushered Rogan, Manx and Storie out the exit and into the hand-built tunnels that would lead them to safety, connecting to the sewer system and exiting two miles away.


Arthur was planning to stay and face the Hunter, but Herschel persuaded him to change his mind. As he walked in he saw Arthur standing with the determined look on his face he'd seen many times during their decades long friendship.


Hershel had to say something to find out if he was right  about what he thought was going through Arthur's mind.


"I can't let you do what I think you're planning to do, there is a chance that you might not survive, I know that despite what you said earlier you are seeking revenge for the death of your wife."


"Arthur, I don't believe that's what Neoma would want you to do, she more than anyone knew how important you are in the last phase of the plan. You are vital to its success, you're literally the only one left who can do what's necessary."


"I get that, I really do, so let me do it instead. I know what you're about to say, but I think it's my time. My wife has been gone for a long time now, and today I lost my children."


Arthur was about to try to say something, some words of comfort, but Herschel stopped him.


"It's ok Art, I accept that I led them into a dangerous life, it's my fault that they were rash and raced off to face some of the Hunters people and they paid for it with their lives."


"Which is why I will be the one to do this, let me avenge them, not only them every one of our people who died this day."


"Not only that once you're gone any of them that survive will have no idea who you are, what you look like or where to find you. The Hunter is the most likely to survive, but she is just the blunt instrument without the rest of her people, I think it's even less likely that you'll be found before you fulfill our destiny."


"You're right on both counts old friend, There's no way any of them saw me, Manx, Rogan or Storie so we will be able to move freely for a while before they uncover our identities."


"You're also right to think that for a moment I thought only of revenge for Neoma, for my wife and to a certain extent Danion as well. If you do this Hershel, your name will be remembered for the rest of history, I will make sure of that."


Arthur opened one of the other lock boxes and handed the device over to Herschel then shook his hand before heading out into the tunnels. He started running and began to pick up speed knowing that he had a way to go and he wasn't entirely certain that the tunnels would survive long enough for him to just casually stroll to a safe distance.


Herschel waited for Chase and the moment she did, he didn't even say anything, he just pressed the button to ignite explosives placed in the walls and ceiling of every floor. Then he pressed the button again to ignite the secondary charges in that room.


As the walls erupted pelting her with pieces of concrete and metal and the ceiling began to collapse on top of her.


Not having time to get back out again Chase had no choice but to crouch down into as tight a ball as she could get into and try to weather the storm of debris falling down on her.


As she tried to protect herself, Chase did get one last look up and saw the man who had lain in wait for her and she swore she could see and hear the man laughing right up until he was hit by a large piece of falling debris and was then buried under a pile of it.


Minutes later, Chase was also buried under a ton of rubble.

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