One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


8. Perspective

Chase Screamed in agony as she felt her bones break using up what little breathable air was left with every Scream. In the end it was all too much and eventually she died.


At least that's what Chase and the boy thought had just happened.


The reality was quite different.


From the boy's perspective he hadn't been captured at all, Caleb was using his vast psychic abilities to get inside the boy's mind and using magyck was manipulating his memories of what actually happened to take him back to the moment he realized he'd been spotted as he stood on the sidelines as the other cult members were attacked.


Instead of Alex spotting him then hesitating when he saw how young and how scared the boy was and letting him go.


Now he believed that as Alex had moved in for the kill several of his group had come to his aid and attacked Alex to give him time to get away, with a psychic warning to get back to their hideout but to go up over the rooftops to make sure he wasn't being followed.


Believing that this was his only chance to get away, he fled which is where Caleb almost lost control as a real memory came to the forefront of his thoughts from when he'd actually been making his escape, not going back to the cult and instead fleeing into the night far away from those people, but Caleb regained psychic control and directed him back onto the path he wanted.


After reading the boy's mind he'd sensed what caused the momentary lapse in his hold over him, real unhappiness at belonging to this or any Demonic cult had triggered the memory of wanting out that he'd only been pulled into it when his parents joined. So Caleb implanted the idea in his head that even if he wasn't happy for dragging him into that life he had to warn his parents to get them out before any attack.


So he set off for the nearest building got inside and made his way up to the roof and began jumping from one roof to the next. Caleb reaches into his memory to make sure he followed the path he'd really taken but introducing a slip and fall that would account for any bruises he had that the cultists might see when he got back to their hideout, and to get him to stop on the rooftop where Chase had caught him.


From there Caleb had him believe he was stopping to massage his sore arms and legs, while he was actually placing the magyck initiated explosive charge inside him. And as he didn't know the rest of the way he would be going Caleb had to let the boy make his own decision as to what route he took.


Finally finished with the mental manipulation he stood back and watched as the boy carried on his journey.


Caleb and Alex stood and waited then less than ten minutes later they heard an explosion.


"Ok Caleb thought, now comes the hard part, I have to wake Chase and deal with her anger at me for getting inside her head to stop her complaining about my plan and give me time to implement it."


He knew she'd be angry at him and that it would be a long time before she would forgive him but right then he didn't care he just knew he needed to find who killed his friends, where their son was and who'd ordered their deaths.


Caleb gestured to Alex to stand down, although he hadn't agreed with what Caleb had done and didn't notice he' done anything until it was too late he went along with it for the sake of the mission. He'd watched Chase as she stood still in a deep psychic trance state looking for any signs she was waking earlier than Caleb wanted, but Alex hadn't seen any in fact she'd barely moved or even made a sound as she was lived out the nightmare scenario in her head.


Caleb walked back over to his daughter said the reverse magyck incantation to gently draw her out of the state she'd been in and back to the real world.


'Vor,a ehea ektac moi-iiss nov,e-i tooo.'


Within minutes Chase came around, she was surprised to find her blade and pistol were safely tucked in its holster, she spun round struggling to come to terms with what she was seeing and what she was not seeing she saw her dad and Alex stood in front of her both alive, and not dead as she believed she'd seen them just moments earlier having witnessed them being murdered in front of her and there were none of the dead bodies lying on the ground of the cult members they'd killed either.


Chase realized she wasn't dead or dying either she remembered as clearly as anything lying on the ground being crushed to death she was completely at a loss over know what to think.


Finally she spoke and demanded to know what was going on.


'What happened, what's going on, she said to Caleb trying to figure out for herself what had just happened where are they all, where are the cult members who attacked us. We died, we all died I saw it I saw them kill you Alex they stabbed you with a blade that cut through your armor you too dad I saw you die they cut your head off after they shot and stabbed you. Somebody tell me right now what's going on.'


Her anger and confusion were rising as the nightmare of what she'd just lived through or thought and felt like she'd lived through still felt incredibly real to her.


"Relax Chase, it's over you, me none of us were ever in any danger. It was me I did it I used my psychic abilities to imprint a false memory to distract you as I set in motion my plan I set the boy free to go on his way with a little explosive extra buried inside his chest."


"You did that to me, to your own daughter."


"Chase... I." Caleb tried to interrupt her to say but she cut him off.


"Don't even dare try and talk to me to justify invading my mind taking down the psychic barriers you trained me how to put up to stop this kind of thing ever happening again, you son of a..."


"No you shut up little girl, there is a mission to accomplish and I will kill that boy and a hundred more like him if it means I get what  I want."


"Oh now I get it this whole mess of an operation isn't about the greater good stopping whatever this cult has planned in service of whichever Demon they serve. No it's about your personal mission of vengeance and the hell to the cost to anyone else."


"Where's the dad who trained me who lectured me about patience, caution in battle not rushing in head first where was he when you blew the original ambush because of his own blood lust, you caused us to lose the element of surprise and what was supposed to be a snatch and grab of at least one for us to interrogate, not the wholesale slaughter it turned into."


"I have never seen you lose it like that and until today I would've cared but after your little mind trip the things you put in there making me see you and Alex die feeling it as I was killed, you made me live that and you think it's something I'll just be able to forget you are sorely wrong."


"Chase I didn't put that memory in there, you did that yourself, I simply placed the suggestion in there that we were under attack, that we were being overwhelmed. Your own imagination filled in the blanks, you created your own worst case scenario." Caleb answered.


"He's right Chase, I know the magyck spell he used it was a simple suggestive implantation." Alex said.


"As long as I allow you to live Alex, I don't want to hear another word from you, you worthless excuse for a man, if you had any backbone you'd  join me in tearing Caleb apart but no you say and do nothing for fear it will endanger your place on the team well, good for you you can have this team after this mission I'm done with this team with Caleb and in every way possible I'm done with you. Now for your own safety so I don't really lose my temper I suggest you get out of my sight. RIGHT NOW." Chase screamed him.


Alex had seen Chase when she was angry but even he was taken aback at the rage he saw brewing in her so he knew better than to try and argue back so he did the sensible thing and just walked away without saying a word and left the rooftop to go back to the other team members to prepare to go into the cult's place of worship.


Chase looked at Caleb and said to him as he was about to try and justify his actions.


"Don't Caleb do not utter a single thing to me as far as I'm concerned there is nothing left you have to say that I want to hear and if you were any other man I promise I would kill you where you stand."


Caleb thought better of saying anything else so as not to prolong the fight so they could get the rest of their business done then move on. But he was surprised by the speed Chase got over to him tapped him on the shoulder and before he had even fully turned around she had struck him on the side of his face so hard disorientating him and he didn't have time to react to try to block her second blow which struck him in the gut doubling him over in pain, then she spun and with one leg swiped his feet out from under him and he was knocked over landing flat on his back hitting the ground so hard it winded him.


Chase just stood over him then said.


"Now lets go to the cults hideout so we can finish cleaning up your mess, and after that I can get as far away from you and your sycophant soldier boys as possible."


She walked off leaving Caleb to get himself to his feet and follow her.

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