One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


9. Monsters

As they approached the base Chase saw firsthand the devastation Caleb's explosive charge had caused to the structure and then when she stepped inside witnessed the human devastation, bodies and body parts strewn all over the place but there was no sign of the boy she'd captured,presumably the blast originating from inside him had vaporized the body.


Chase felt angry looking at all the carnage it was one thing to kill humans who worshipped Demons in combat but like this via stealth and using a child as the weapon she couldn't get her head around the fact that it was her own father who committed this act of slaughter. She began to feel overwhelmed with guilt along with the anger, surely she she could've done more to stop him.


The truth was even after he let her out of the nightmare scenario she hadn't given much thought about the boy she'd been too angry and wrapped up in what Caleb had done to her to think of him and the death and destruction he had inflicted on these people.


She hadn't said a word to anyone on the short journey there and just shot angry looks at Alex whenever he tried to talk to her as they walked through the dead bodies, she couldn't even bring herself to look at Caleb to see he was now sporting a bruised face and a black eye, but she could hear him breathing heavily from the hit to the solar plexus that had winded him. 


Chase was too busy surveying the damage to care about the insignificant injuries she'd inflicted on him. She was looking at the scene but not paying enough attention to the task of searching for a survivor until she felt a hand grab her ankle and without even thinking reacted pulled out her pistol and fired down directly at whoever it was grabbed her.


She was angry with herself for reacting too quickly, without thinking, she was definitely still tense and angry and she hated to admit it, even to herself she was scared that maybe this was the false memory and she was still in the bubble as it closed in around her killing her. As a result of her fears she knew she could've just killed potentially the only survivor and any chance of uncovering the truth about Baine and Isobel's deaths.


Chase saw the angry looks on Caleb and Alex faces.


"I don't want to hear a word from either of you, I know I screwed up, but let's just carry on and hope we can find another survivor I don't want to hear even a thought between the two of you about my mistake either."


Chase carried on walking after she shook the dead mans hand off but she was less successful in trying to shake off her anger towards Caleb, she was more likely to hurt him than any Demon or cult member the way she felt.


Chase knew it was different this time after what he'd done to her, to the boy as well using him like that, using her own mind against her even when he knew all about the time she'd been mind controlled and the damage she'd caused he'd still done it to her. Which is why after this mission she knew she had to leave, end things with Alex and get as far away from him and her dad as possible, as soon as possible.


After half an hour searching through the various levels of what remained of the building Malikhi one of the other team members finally found a survivor on the third floor. A woman and although she was badly burned and with both legs blown off by the blast she was still conscious. Her wounds had been somewhat cauterized so there was only minimal blood loss but she was obviously in shock as she complained about her legs hurting.


Chase got up to Malikhi and the woman before Caleb and Alex so she cast a spell to make her talk, but even under such stress the woman had formidable protection against such magyck, reluctantly forcing Chase to wait for Caleb to get up there and let him try.  


Then much to her anger Caleb made light work of getting inside her head to make her start talking and once he got her started she revealed everything they wanted to know starting with the name of the Demon they worshipped.


"Our once and for all time powerful master, the Demon Lord over other Demonic puppets as he rules them, he will rule here again mark my words."


"This world will belong to Acafra."


When she said his name Caleb was shocked as he realized a powerful enemy could be about to get back into their world.


"Acafra" Caleb said, then added "damn, I thought we were done with that monster years ago"


"Acafra is the not the monster you are, Acafra is the Lord of Humanity we serve and worship at his will, it is a fate he kindly bestows those humans who see the truth."


"Those like you who stray from his kind and loving rule will suffer a better fate than they deserve they will be put to death quickly."


"He will return to this world to reclaim his rightful

place as its ruler, by his loyal followers. We obey and carry out his wishes and we are numerous and you can not stop us no matter how many you capture or kill, enough of us will remain to ensure we succeed, that we will not fail him."


Caleb cut off her venomous spewing.


"You mean you'll never fail again don't you, are you even aware that you sorry excuses of humanity did fail before 16 years ago me and my people stopped the mighty Acafra, he almost had the perfect vessel to take in his essence but we stopped you, killed loads of your kind and took that vessel away from him so the mighty lord and your master Acafra couldn't use the body and couldn't move across the barrier back into our world."


"We are all aware of the Ill fated attempt those responsible for it, the ones who did escape from you that night gladly lay down their lives in penance while the task was handed down to a new generation and we will not fail our master as they did."


"You didn't kill enough of us back then monster, his faithful servants stayed hidden from you and your kind Demon slayer, he planned and communicated his will to us even through your barrier and we now carry it to fruition. We secured a vessel and we removed two of the obstacles that stood in his way last time. She paused as a laughter came from her before she said I mean to say the obstacles were killed by their own we took control of their nearest and dearest and they killed Baine and Isobel."


"Wait, what did she mean by that." Malikhi cut in then turned to Caleb, does she mean Jak."


"Ignore her Malikhi, she's talking utter nonsense, there is no way any of them could have turned Jak, no way at all."


"Malikhi wasn't satisfied with Caleb's answer so he went to question the woman directly."


"What did you mean woman, who turned on Baine and Isobel tell me who killed them, tell me." He screamed at her.


Without telling them Caleb let his psychic hold of her go so she couldn't answer anyone else's questions, he didn't want her blurting out anything she might know that could confirm his worst fears about who killed Baine and Isobel.


He believed there had to have been some kind of inside help to get past their defenses and overcome their their 

physical abilities to get close enough to kill them. Whether that was one of the villagers or the only other person besides Jak close enough to them that neither Baine nor Isobel would suspect, he decided he'd be the one to investigate this by himself as he should've done after they were killed, but couldn't face it, but once they were done here he would have to go and deal with whoever was responsible.


Fortunately for Caleb without his control over her, the woman was beginning to fade his questioning having taken its toll toll and hastening her death.


Meaning Malikhi couldn't get an answer eventually giving up after she began to cough up blood and it was obvious she didn’t have much longer left.


Meanwhile as the woman was still rambling on about Acafra and his power his might and bending all humans to his will or executing them. A distracted Caleb was pulled back to the memory of the mission he'd been part of with Baine and Isobelle. One that also involved Jak.


"Caleb." Chase said her tone of voice almost a growl as she grew more and more disgusted at having had to repeatedly call his name to snap him out of whatever daydream he was having.


"Do we need anymore from her as her droning is getting on my last nerve." Chase asked.


"No, she's told us all she can."


"Good." Chase said as she pulled out her pistol intent on finishing her off.


"You take care of her while the rest of us tear this place apart to find any information about how many more of these Acafra worshipping scum might be out there and anything we can find out about this new vessel they claim to have."


"Okay then once we're all done can we get out of here, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm getting tired of stepping in pools of blood and stepping over body parts."


Caleb was about to blast Chase for being weak to tell her that she should be able to ignore the devastation as these were the bodies of their enemies, but bit his tongue as he realized looking round he hadn't fully prepared himself for how much blood and how many dead bodies whole or blown apart there would be.


For the first time in weeks Caleb began to wonder if his actions since this begun may have been excessive.


Chase stood over the woman squeezing the trigger but hesitated after noticing that either Caleb had let her out of the spell or she'd broken out of it on her own, as she wasn't talking about Acafra anymore she was talking about someone named Danion, now and she seemed to genuinely be remorseful as she talked about him and making him come to worship with her.


Chase listened as she talked about how she'd always known deep down he had never believed as she and his father do, she wished she had let him leave although it meant she would've been forbidden from ever seeing him again, at least she could've known he was out there alive and well even if it was as one one of the non believing sheep.


She kept saying how she didn't mind dying in service of her master but he should've been free, but now it was too late she'd been standing right near him when he returned and when he exploded right in front of her eyes.


The realization of who Danion was, that this woman's son was the boy she'd captured and Caleb had used as a walking timebomb was bad enough, but she'd have to live with it, knowing she'd played a part in killing an innocent boy she now knew was only caught up in Demon worship because of his parents, made her physically sick.


Chase realized that she must've been very close to have seen it was her son before Calebs' spell had blown him up, she was stunned the woman had survived at all let alone long enough to maintain the strength to withstand her attempts and Calebs' successful psychic manipulations to make her talk.

Her hands began to shake then she began to shake all over, Chase holstered her pistol knowing she wasn't going to shoot her anymore, she couldn't bring herself to.

Chase had no sympathy about her dying she was an unrepentant Demon worshipper, something she could never understand, a human choosing Demons over her own kind but her feelings about the woman were irrelevant she knew she owed her at least some small measure of comfort in her final moments but Chase had to admit to herself she was also doing it to ease her own guilty conscience.

Chase realized she didn't even know this woman’s name but here she was staying by her side listening as the woman grew silent and her breathing slowed, tears began to well in Chases' eyes so she did the only thing she could think of that might help them both sat down beside the woman and held her hand.

In any other circumstance they'd be likely fighting till one or the other was dead, but hearing her talk about her son half thinking about her own and Calebs' complicity in his death and the deaths of who knew how many other children in there, who knew how many of them were there against their will, that thought was really starting to mess with Chases' mind but she didn't have time to find the words she was searching for to say as some kind of apology before the woman did succumb to her injuries and died.

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