One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


18. Good Soldier

Seeing Chase back in the building, Caleb Malikhi and Alex came running down the stairs to help her, but by the time they made their way down the crumbling staircase. Chase had killed all of them and now was nowhere to be seen.


They looked around when Caleb finally found the door and saw the staircase that led down to the passage that led to the vault., he turned to Alex and Mal then said.


"Do either of you want to explain how you missed this little doorway."


Alex and Mal looked at each other, both wondering if the other was the one who didn't see it.


"I take it from that little look between the two of you, neither of you are apparently willing to accept responsibility for that particular screw up," Caleb said angrily.


Mal was furious about that remark, Caleb of all people on this day being the last one to lecture others about taking responsibility. He was about to launch into an angry tirade, but Caleb cut him off first as he said.


"Well, I'm sure what ever rebuke you have on the tip of your tongue can wait until after we go through the door and take a look at what they're hiding in their little chamber of secrets."


Before they could, explosions began to rip through the walls and ceiling and debris started to rain down on them. 


Caleb was about to conjure up a protective bubble to stop them being killed as what was left of the building fell down all around them. 


As the debris started to fall, Malikhi shocked Caleb and Alex in particular when he ran off before Caleb could fully get the bubble up.


Alex started off after his brother screaming at him to get back or at least tell them what he was doing, but Caleb called him back.


As the collapse began, Caleb yelled to Mal and Alex to get close to him that he could save them, but the sounds of the explosives detonating and the walls and ceilings tearing and falling to the ground all around them drowned him out.


Leaving Caleb no choice but to reach out to Malikhi and Alex psychically to tell them what he intended to do.


Malikhi heard him, but in this situation he wasn't bothered to hear Caleb's voice in his head and it wasn't out of stubbornness that he ignored him. No, he thought about Logan and Briony whom he had left unconscious and vulnerable on the third floor.


All he could think about was saving them, he wasn't bothered about what intelligence they could get from them, he was, only that they both just kids both barely in their teens.


Before he came back to Caleb, well close enough for Caleb to cast the protective bubble around both of them. Alex was upset seeing his brother rush off into certain danger, he wanted to argue his point that Caleb had to let him go after his brother.


"Look Caleb, I need to go after him, this whole damn place is about to come down around us."


"No, it isn't coming down around us, it's going to come down on top of us. We need to get Chase and get out of here, her we can definitely save," Caleb said as he was dodging falling debris.


"Your brain-dead brother on the other hand is probably a lost cause, now be the good soldier that I trained you to be and get back here now," Caleb said his voice getting higher as he got angrier.


Never one to disobey an order, even now being forced to choose between the man he looked up to as a father, or his real brother the only family he had left, the one who had looked after him when they were growing up as prisoners of the insane members of that cult.


Malikhi had protected him from the anger of their father, who abducted them from their mum as kids to join the cult. He'd also protected him from as much of the painful rituals of the elder members of the cult as he could.


He rationalized his decision to go back to Caleb instead of going after his brother, as a safety issue, that he had no way to know if he could get to Mal, so better to get back to Caleb.


"There's no point going after Mal, there is no way to guarantee your safety or his while he is on some damn fool mission to save those two cult members," Caleb snapped at him.


At least the explosions had stopped as Alex made his way back to Caleb. He was nearly there, dodging the larger pieces of debris, but getting hit by some of the smaller bits, as he saw how close Alex was Caleb was beginning to lower the bubble, realizing it was a psychic shield, only Chase called it a bubble.


Thinking of her distracted him from the fact that once again he couldn't contact her and then as he thought back to when the explosions began, he realised that the second one had come from the area beyond that doorway where he had to think Chase had gone.


Then he had to look on in horror as the passageway completely collapsed. He was in shock at the idea that what he had done to the boy Danion had made this all so much worse and that he might have just gotten his daughter killed.


He mentally scrambled trying to remember if anything he'd taught her as he trained her could have prepared her for this. He was also trying to think through everything he knew about the history of every other Demon Hunter throughout the generations, had any of them been through something like this had happened to one of them, if so had he or she survived.


He was trying hard to focus, but he wasn't thinking clearly enough. All he could think was is she dead, did I just kill my girl and did she go to her grave hating me.


His mind racing Caleb didn't see or hear the pieces of debris he only felt it as both bits struck him on the head, knocking him unconscious and he collapsed to the ground where several more pieces struck him as they piled up on top of him, burying him still alive.


Alex saw the blocks of concrete and metal fall and called out to Caleb to warn him, but he didn't hear him and Alex looked on helplessly as they hit him and buried him. He picked up speed to get to him, but wasn't paying enough attention and tripped over some of the rubble already on the ground and fell over hitting the ground hard breaking his left arm and hitting his head.


Alex was still conscious, although his head hurt and he had blood from a cut on his forehead dripping down his face. Still, he got up, got over to Caleb and began digging him out with one hand, then once he got enough of the rubble of him Alex picked him up with and lifted him up and draped him over his shoulder, then he made his way to the exit.


Once outside, he lay Caleb on the ground and only then did he see the nasty cuts on his head and the level of blood loss he had suffered seeing how much of a trail was left that you could almost follow right back to where he carried Caleb from.


He tried to shake Caleb, but he wouldn't wake he called his name repeatedly, but with no sign of a response, he felt for Caleb's pulse and it was weak, he put his ear to his chest and could barely hear the sound of his heart. Alex was desperately worried and he began shaking him until he realised Caleb likely had a brain injury and stopped. 


He resorted to calling his name again, but to no avail again. He didn't know what to do, it shocked him, seeing someone he'd always seen as strong and almost immortal, so badly hurt. He was glad of the distraction as the loud sounds of more of the building falling down caught him by surprise.


Then he remembered his brother was still inside. Alex got back to feet and ran back into the building, when he was inside, he began calling Mal's name but was getting no response again.

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