One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


15. All That Remains

The members of this group of worshippers were the lucky ones, they'd been elsewhere, in work or in a couple of cases in school during the attack on their homes at the apartment building.


Arthur pulled them together at the last moment after he found out about the attack and now they had at least managed to salvage something from the devastation they had suffered.


They had killed at least one member of the cult investigation unit for certain and probably a few more with the rockets they had fired at the other members inside the crumbling building that had been their principle place to worship the great Acafra and study the texts needed to carry out the plans to restore him to this world.


They had successfully released the Rocnar they had held on to for so long to among other things join them into an attacking force hopefully capable enough to tear apart the Demon Hunter.


Well at the very least keep her busy long enough for them to get what they needed from inside the building and one way or another stop the Demon Hunters people finding any useful information.


After they had struck the building with the rockets, Arthur led them one by one down from the hills that kept the building they'd used as a base for so long hidden from the eyes of anyone travelling past on the roads down on the other side.


Arthur knew they would only have a limited time to get in and back out that likely a driver going past on the road had seen either the explosion Caleb had caused or the ones they had when they had fired at their own former base.


Which meant the security services or a fire and rescue team could already be on their way. If it were fire and rescue that would be bad enough as they would undoubtedly call for a security patrol.


Still that would at least give them time to get away, since any security service officers would arrest them on sight. As Demon worship is a crime all across this part of the world, the sentences varied from one region to another, from a life sentence to the death penalty.


Having made their way to the building they crept inside, they had walked past the body of Terris the one their sharp shooter had taken out. Once inside, they saw the seriously wounded bodies of his colleagues who had both been caught in the path of blasts from their rocket attacks.


One of them pinned under a ton of rubble and the other one, although not covered by any fallen debris was badly burnt.


On Arthur's order they finished them off doing it quietly smothering them both.


"Okay," Arthur said to his people.


"We don't know how many of these faithless sacks of skin are left, so we need to find them and either take them out if we can but that is only as a last resort, it will be easier to isolate and distract them."


"Better still, let's try not to run into them at all."


"What! You want us to avoid them we owe them, have you any idea how many of us have died today here and in our homes," Jonah, one of his team said, then added.


"We should find, however many of them left in here, then kill every last bastard one of them."


"Remember who you're talking to Jonah, as much as we want it, revenge is not the priority, we are here in service to the great and mighty Acafra." 


"We're here to secure the retrieval of the box and that is all we are here for. Do you hear me?"


"Yes we've suffered big losses in such a short space of time, but we knew that could happen we accepted that as we drew closer to the event we might be discovered,"


"Yet none of you have lost as much as me and I will still keep my wish to avenge my wife inside me, I know that we will succeed that we will bring our master back and his will, shall rule here."


"That will be our revenge, fulfilling our mission and getting to see those who oppose Acafra bow down to him or die."


"We know what needs doing now, so let's get to it."


"Sir can I ask, why do we have to look for them, can't you sense how many are left and where they are."


"No, there's a powerful psychic here trying to break through the walls I created to shield our presence from them."


"I don't have the time to do that and feel around for him and his people, like I said we don't have the time and if you've forgotten there's a Demon Hunter out there who will get past our beasts." 


"When she does do any of you think you'll be able to take her down, to do what our Rocnar probably haven't been able to do."


They looked at him, all of them with the same resigned expression on their faces.


"No of course not, none of you have Demon blood in you to increase your strength or any ability that might give you any kind of chance against her."


"None of us, myself included, would last long against a Hunter, especially not an angry one who is out to kill anyone she even thinks took out people who were very important to her."


"She has people she cares about." 


"I thought all a Hunter cared about was killing! I thought that they trained to act without emotion." Briony said.


"No, I don't know who taught you that, but it's wrong, they are still Human they're still capable of feeling, to feel love, compassion and trust in other Human beings."


"Look, don't underestimate them, the Hunter or any of her kind."


"They're wrong, in their beliefs about the myth of Human self-determination, but they love, they feel, they are like us in every other way. Don't hate them, feel sorry for them, they don't know how wrong they are."


"They don't know the real love of a master like Acafra, but one day they will and on that day if they choose to accept his supremacy, we shall welcome them back into the family of Humanity."


"That's if they repent of their evil ways, should they cling to their falsehoods and should our ruler give us permission we will destroy them."


"Right no more talk we have things to do, so let's get to it," with that Arthur gave them their instructions.


They split up Arthur took three others as it would take four of them to pick up and carry the box they were going down to the sub levels for.


The six others were to act as guards while they got the box and cover them as they made their exit carrying it.


The six of them could hear the voices of Caleb, Alex and Malikhi  coming from the third floor as they were clearly having a heated discussion.


It was too much for two of them and they set off against orders to face them eager to get revenge for the deaths of their fellow believers in the attack on their home by Caleb and the others earlier that day.


Jonah yelled at Logan and Briony to get back in formation to stay on mission as they'd been instructed, but they ignored him as they ran up the stairs.


Logan and Briony got up to the floor underneath where Caleb, Alex and Mal were, Caleb had sensed the intruder's presence and alerted Alex and Malikhi to the threat approaching them.


As soon as he detected the intrusion, Caleb got Alex and Malikhi to take part in a little misdirection, staging an argument between them, to let the followers know where they were. Letting them think they were too distracted to hear them coming, so they would attack believing they had the upper hand. 


The argument that Briony and Logan heard had some truth to it with the three of them pointing the finger at each other over who was to blame for the mess this mission had become it was still all just a decoy to lure them in.


Caleb had hoped to lure more of them into attacking, enough to weaken the numbers and stop or at least slow down whatever their intent was for coming back in to a building that had their enemy in and was so badly damaged it was on the verge of collapse.


All three of them got into place to face them, Alex had his pistol in his hand while Mal preferred to get up close and personal either with a blade or hand to hand, this time he had two short blades in his hands while Caleb readied himself to get into their heads to fight them off.


Caleb got inside the mind of Logan, who was in front, he did have some walls in his mind to stop any psychic manipulations, but they weren't strong enough to keep him out. He got past his defences and made him come to a stop, although Logan was aware of a presence in his mind, he just couldn't do anything to stop it.


It felt like he was looking his own life as if it was a , he felt himself turning around raising his weapon pointing it at Briony, his twin sister.

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