One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


7. A Course of Action Chapter 2

Chase got a sense of the impending danger coming seconds before the attack began and a cult member carrying a large sword landed in front of her, she managed to sidestep as he swung it at her and would've cut her head clean off her shoulders.


Chase struck her arm out to strike him in the throat and followed up with repeated blows to his head, then a kick to the gut and moved to get into a position behind the attacker, she hit him with one last punch to the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.


She took out her pistol and shot him in the back, a kill shot the bullet going straight through his heart. As the sword fell from his hands, she moved to the side of him and shoved the body hard enough, he went over the railings and fell off the roof.


Then she took on four cultists who'd gone after Caleb and shot two of them dead, leaving her and her dad to take on the other two, one-on-one.


Alex had been set upon by six of them, he used his pistol to take out two of them, briskly slipping the pistol back into its holder with one hand, while with the other he pulled out his blade and took out two more, running the sword through ones chest, then pulling it out of the dead body ducking low he used it to cut a leg off the other.


Then as he fell to the floor screaming in agony Alex leapt up into the air maneuvering the tip of his sword into a downward facing position he hit another with a blow that went right through his skull. Before switching back to his pistol shooting the last of his attackers in the head.


Chase and Caleb disarmed their attackers before getting in close enough to launch a flurry of strikes with their bare hands, as they were dazed Caleb and Chase each grabbed one by the throat and choked them until they lost consciousness, Caleb lifted his one overhead and threw her off the roof to her death. Chase squeezed so hard her fingers pushed through the skin and tissue of the neck, then as he clutched at his open wound, trying to stop the blood flow, Chase placed her hands either side of his head and twisted until she snapped his neck, then lifted the body up and tossed her off the roof as well.


Three cult members who'd stayed on the sidelines cast their own spells the first removing the bubble Chase had put on the  boy she'd captured the second to put their own force field around Chase, Caleb and Alex and hold them in place as they rescued the boy and last to mask their trail as they made their escape.


Then a second wave descended on them this time more than two dozen of them, all three of them Chase Caleb and Alex were attacked by multiple cult members again so they couldn't go after the ones fleeing taking the boy with them.


As Chase set about diving straight in to tackle her group Alex found himself outnumbered and running low on ammo for his pistol he used up the last four shots, killing two, wounding another and missing one as well then put it away withdrew his blade and got to work slashing his attackers until he was caught from behind and stabbed in the back with a really long, especially sharp blade that pierced his body armor and ran through by his attacker who angled the blade upward from the point of entry until it came out of his chest just underneath his heart. Pulling the blade out so he would likely bleed out, that alone could've been a fatal blow, but then the others joined in stabbing him repeatedly with smaller blades in the chest and back and his arms and legs.


Alex tried to fight them off, but he was losing blood and his energy was draining away, he fell to his knees and one cult member took the opening and rammed a blade right into his heart. As the blade was pulled out Alex fell face first to the ground, dead before he hit the floor.


Chase was unable to do anything except scream in horror as she saw Alex die.


She was so shocked she almost didn't see the cult member aim a pistol right at her head, but a warning yelled at her by Caleb shook her out of her state of shock and she was able to quickly turn sideways and just in time to see the fired bullet fly past her eyes striking another cult member.


Chase had moved from shock to anger and swung out her blade taking the heads off two in quick succession before she jumped in the air, landed where Alex's body lay, picked up his pistol and reloaded it then using hers as well was firing with both dropping them with shots to the head.


She was cutting a swath through her attackers until she ran out of ammunition for both pistols and reverted to using her blade hacking at them wildly in an uncontrolled rage until they were all dead then Chase set out after the ones targeting her dad.


Caleb was using more magyck now than brute force, which is how he always preferred to fight anyway. He was casting spells to lift some off their feet and then dropping them off the roof, but two of them had managed to spell cast protection against the fall and landed safely on the ground then they climbed back up the front of the building. Caleb was focussed on the ones he could see allowing those two to sneak up behind him, one of them stabbed him in the back while the other pulled out her pistol and shot him in the head, before her accomplice struck the final blow and using the long blade that Alex had been stabbed with cut off Calebs' head .


Chase had just finished off the last of her attackers when she felt the barrier form around her stop her from moving and aiding her dad, she struggled to break out, but when force didn't work she regained her composure and tried spell casting but that wasn't working either. That's when she saw the two cult members climb back onto the roof and one of them use magyck to call the long blade over to him.


She saw what they intended, but as hard as she tried she couldn't break free and the bubble was even soundproof so she could shout out and warn Caleb, she saw the cult members who were controlling the force field surrounding her and they must have guessed what she was thinking as they amplified its strength preventing her getting even a psychic connection to warn her dad and was left frustrated and helpless to stop them as she watched her dad get murdered right before her eyes.


Chase was filled with nothing but rage at seeing the only two people she cared about die right in front of her during what was supposed to have been a routine mission to grab and interrogate a member of one of the supposedly less dangerous demon worshipping cults but her dad had been right she had been cocky and arrogant, as had Alex when he let the boy go as he had come back and was joining in with the others against her.


Chase was going berserk trying to not to cry and instead turn her devastation into anger that she hoped she could use to break free of the bubble using force and every spell she thought could help but it was all to no avail as the surviving cult members not only joined forces to keep her locked down but again amplified its strength and they began to shrink it. Chase could feel the space inside the bubble getting smaller and feel it getting harder and harder to breathe as they sucked the oxygen out as well.


She was forced to the ground first on her knees, then as it got smaller she got into as small a position until she was curled up like a ball.


She screamed in agony as she felt her bones break first her legs then her arms and was using up what little breathable air was left with every scream she was fighting through the pain trying desperately to stay conscious to see if she could up with some way to rescue herself but in the end it was all too much and eventually everything faded to black as she died.

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