<3 Aussie Love <3

After herself,her mum,her dad and her little brother move to Australia because of her dads new job, Sasha Abel, a young Spanish girl is sent to a boarding school in Australia. During her time in Austrailia, she meets Beau Brooks a member of the Janoskians. Whenever Beau totally falls for her,Sasha and her new best friend Kirsty Smith start to hang out with the Janoskians every weekend.


2. Janoskians

"So have you heard of the Janoskians?" asked Kirsty ,her face lit up.

"nope" i replied

"what!" shrieked Kirsty. she looked shocked.

"I said i have never heard of the Janoskians"I repeated herself.

"never? you mean like never? how? you must have? that's just not possible." said Kirsty.

"nope i havent so who are they anyway?"I asked.

"who are they?" repeated Kirsty. "you have obviously never lived, here check this out"

Kirsty got her laptop out of her suitcase,turned it on,pushed her dongle into it and opened up Google Chrome. Once it loaded she typed up Youtube, waited for it to load, typed in 'Janoskians - awkward train situations' in the search box, clicked on a video and hit play.

"There you go!" said Kirsty and she shoved the laptop into my arms. We both sat on my bed and watched the video. After about a minute, not even, we we peeing ourselves with laughter.(not literally peeing our self's buy ya know)

"so who are these guys again?" I questioned.

"the Janoskians" replied Kirsty.

"cool, so where are they from? I asked

"Here, Australia!" replied Kirsty

"so whose this one?" i asked pointing at one of them.

"oh that's Beau Brooks" said Kirsty.

"well he is mine!" I shouted

"Okay but i get,all of the others, deal?" 


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