<3 Aussie Love <3

After herself,her mum,her dad and her little brother move to Australia because of her dads new job, Sasha Abel, a young Spanish girl is sent to a boarding school in Australia. During her time in Austrailia, she meets Beau Brooks a member of the Janoskians. Whenever Beau totally falls for her,Sasha and her new best friend Kirsty Smith start to hang out with the Janoskians every weekend.


1. new school,new begining


"You must be Sasha, nice to meet you I'm Mrs Taylor, the headmaster here at Abby Bridge Girls Grammer." a tall dark haired woman said holding out her hand.

I shook It and said "nice to meet you to"

"I believe you are going into 5th year,am I right?" asked Mrs Taylor mrs Taylor.

"yes" i replied

"I will show you to your room which you will be sharing with another other girl."

Great I thought I have to room with a English snob probably, this should be a fun year.  The headmaster showed me to the room which was pretty big it had two single beds, two dressers ,two bedside tables and two closets.  

I picked the one closest to the bathroom and the window and started unpacking my stuff putting it away almost like I had at home except I have more room here. 

About a half hour later the headmaster came back and introduced me to Kirsty my new roomate. Kirsty looked normal enough.  She had curly brown hair that went down to her sholders and big brown eyes. She was wearing blue skiny jeans,silver sandels and a blue strapless top. "hey i'm Kirsty" she said looking at me.

"hiya, Sasha"I said back as she dropped her stuff off on the bed by the door.

"So" she said once the headmaster had left "Where are ya from?"

"Spain" i replied.

"Spain? thats a bit far"

"Yeah, tell me about it"

"and you?" i asked

"here, Austrailia" replied Kirsty    

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