Vampires and Werewolves have been discovered, but when Leah get bitten by a dog she notices strange things changing about her. Then she must do all she can to save her friends and her self...


2. The Beast

The school day dragged on even slower than usual. In fact the only new that was remotely interesting was when Melissa fainted in Science when we examined garlic under a microscope. Which shouldn't be funny, but because she is the meanest girl in school it is. After school I waited at the usual meet up point for Nicole and Cassie, but it turned out that they had to go home early. My timetable said I had 4 whole hours of free time after school and then registration and removal after wards at 8. Registration was to check that you were still alive and not breaking any rules etc... And removal was the removal of your time table. My 2 hours of free time was boring without Nicole and Cassie, so I walked home extra slow to avoid the busy public.

I was walking through the park which was unusually quiet. On most sunny days like this everyone is out and having picnics, playing games and being happy. But today the park was deserted. The warm sun suddenly was covered by a thick grey cloud, and everything went cold. A howling wind blew a colourful array of orange and red leaves, creating a tornado effect. The whole world felt dark and cold, and there was a foreboding sense of danger. The sound of heavy footsteps followed me, and every time I turned to see what was there, the empty track was the only thing there. I heard a heavy breathing near my right ear, and I was sure something was behind me. 

The foul sense of rotting meat overwhelmed me, I stood frozen and slowly turned everything in my body yelling at me to run, except an instinct deep inside me telling me to stay. It was when i turned around I understood why my body was telling me to run. I was nose to nose with a big black beast.


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