Vampires and Werewolves have been discovered, but when Leah get bitten by a dog she notices strange things changing about her. Then she must do all she can to save her friends and her self...


3. The Attack

It's deep yellow eyes stared menacingly into my very own soul. It was scanning every piece of DNA in my body, searching me, reading my emotions. It took in a deep breath through it's large wet nostrils, as if it could smell my fear. It's foul smelling breath overwhelmed my senses, and I had to get away. I could not run, I knew the creature would chase me and hunt me down. I took a careful and slow step back, hoping, praying it wouldn't notice. A twig snapped, slicing through the cold silent barrier between us. It's dangerous golden eyes darted towards my feet ,which hadn't even taken a full step away, before letting out a low blood curdling snarl. It lunged at me, 20 tons of pure predator was pinning me down. My head seemed to be screaming as I hit my head on the frosted leafy floor. I wanted to scream, get help, but all I could managed was a pitiful, weak whimper. Every part me was telling me to get away, run for my life, but this beast was too strong. Paralysed on the floor, I thought a saw a faint flash of remorse through his eyes until it lashed wildly at my calf, ripping the flesh apart. Deep red blood seeped out, staining the golden autumn leaves a nasty and violent red. I gasped in pain. It picked it's heavy black jaws off my leg, leaving a filthy trail of silver saliva dripping onto to the bloody wound. The pain rushed through me and before I could scream everything went black.

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