My deepest fantasies

For the comp. Explained in itself.


1. My deepest fantasies

Generally, I don't share my thoughts with many people. Mainly because they'd probably get the wrong idea about who I am. But when the fantasy writing competition came up, I knew I wanted to enter. The tale of dragons, fire, and other otherworldly creatures still lays half-finished in my drafts. But upon further thought, and further development, I realised the true 'fantasy' lies right in front of me; my thoughts.


Most peoples' first fantasy would be something like world peace. Mine is related, but a little different. I think the death penalty should be brought back worldwide. This would eradicate rapists, murderers, abusers, and all the other people like them from society, possibly allowing it to be a marginally happier place. The reason this is a fantasy is because, quite frankly, the corruption in the world would easily place many people above the punishment. 


My second is that all the people who have had shitty lives so far - through fault or no fault of their own - were allowed to be happy, even if it's just for an hour, and that everyone who is happy for the majority of the time (curse you optimists) were allowed to be sad, as low as those who are literally at rock bottom. Then, maybe, our world will have a sense of balance, and maybe people will actually understand each other.


My third is a secret; I wish that children didn't grow up. From the age of five or six, all we want is to be older, be bigger and stronger. Only to find that when we get there, it's crap, and all we want is to go back to the days where it didn't matter if we wore our pyjamas to ASDA, or it didn't matter if we ran home from school to play with our dollies. I wish I was young, because I hate being called childish when I get excited at the arcade. You retain a certain innocence; that is swiftly destroyed all too soon. Like I say - when you're a kid, you aren't ruined yet.


My next is that people would have a little faith, throw themselves in the open and believe in true love. I myself have doubted it many a time, doubted the very existence of the elusive feeling that many refer to as 'love' - I put it down to a simple after-effect of lust, or a build up to hatred, but, after experiencing first hand the discovery of my soulmate, I have to say, I'm a bit of a believer. Some of you may never believe me - and you can please yourselves. Maybe you'll take a bit of persuasion, but one day, I'm sure every single one of you will lay your eyes on that perfect person, and know that you are going to spend your life with them. Or maybe you'll just settle for someone, someone you can just about live with, and you will live an unfulfilled life - for no-one has lived until you've experienced true love.


My fifth and final fantasy, is that I could have a pet flying pig (okay, this really is returning very much to the fantasy topic). This may just be my 'rebelling against the norm' attribute shining through, but really, all I want to do is prove to everyone that doubted me that I can do it; I can achieve the impossible. Ha.


These may seem menial, or a little unoriginal, but these are my fantasies. I tried to add a personal twist to the over-written 'fantasy' genre. Okay, maybe they did want a tale of foes and fears on a foreign world, but this is just voicing what a thousand people have voiced before me - just hopefully a little better.

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