It's ok you don't have to laugh 2

Are you still bored? Are you still depressed? Do you still don't have anything els to do? And are you still too tired to sleep?
Well you got a serious problem my fellow readers :) but don't worry I will help you make it worse ;D this is just another random non or funny book.... Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. ;)


9. This is chapter 10

This is chapter nine not chapter 10 of course. This chapter is just called chapter 10 :P

Well hello friendly people :D
OUCH! Why did you just slap me?
Oh yeah of course you didn't :) of course it was just YOUR hand that did it!
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Ah!! Don't kill me please! I'm too nice! Here you can have this DVD I found in the aquarium next to my clown fish, it kinda poop on top of it. Ah! Am innocent. Go to chapter 11

Hello my kind and innocent good friends :'( guess what happened today? My goldfish just died... *sob sob* and guess what els.... Chapters can't own pets =P
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