It's ok you don't have to laugh 2

Are you still bored? Are you still depressed? Do you still don't have anything els to do? And are you still too tired to sleep?
Well you got a serious problem my fellow readers :) but don't worry I will help you make it worse ;D this is just another random non or funny book.... Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. ;)


5. *chat*

Hello welcome to another pointless chapter...

Today you will discover how to fly and turn your skin gold.

1. Go to the market, mall, shop, restraunt, toilet, someone's closet where ever you can to get paint.
2. Put all the gold paint in your bathtub.
3.Go inside your bath tub that is filled with paint.
*If you ever get stuck just fart your way out*
4. Leave the paint to dry for - I don't know, just until it feels dry
5. Go outside (make sure your not naked first or get a friend to go outside for you or the paint will dry making you unable to move and the birds will mistake you for a statue and poop on you) and buy yourself lots of feathers.
*If you don't have enough money, then just steal or 'borrow' ;) a little girl's fairy wings or angel wings that she's wearing for Halloween or for a play*
6. If you managed to buy lots of feathers, put lots of glue all over your arms and stick your feathers on both your arms.
7. Then go up to a building or tree and jump and flap your wings!

With this idea your friends would think your awesome and you'll finally be popular. Haha! Of course they wont laugh you numpty ;)

*Warning. This may not exactly work. You may actually end up killing your self and may have an allergy reaction to this. Don't try this at home unless you already have ;)*
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