Gold Medal

This is a three chaptered about an olympic race. The charcters are not named and are not given a nationalty so not cause offences.

This story is about cheating, winnng and little bit of lost love.


2. Testing

Runner 1

I walked slowly. I looked out for Shady's guy. I tried to smoothly avoid a bunch of girls who came towards me screaming. I collided with a passing mascot. "Hey,you okay?" Asked a girl from the group. She had pretty blonde hair and a dazzling smile. She helped me up by my arm. She was wearing gloves, which were wet on the fingertips. "Good luck today." She walked off. So she was Shady's worker. I walked forward and found myself being followed by a continual rustling. "What in the world i-" I raised an eyebrow. From my pocket I produced a scrap of paper with a number on it. I smirked. Then swallowed. I had reached the door of the test room.

Runner 2

Maria. My first thought was her name. I showered then opened my door, ready for the race. A blonde girl passed, talking to a hooded guy. "Did you give him the antidote?" The man hissed. "Yep. Can I have the money now?" They looked at me. "Hi, keep your nose out of my business please." The man said casually, and the pair stalked off. I jogged to the test room, to get the blood pumping. I bumped in to another competitor in my race who practicaly flung himself out the door. He looked relived. "Enjoy!" He laughed a me as he ran off to his room. Needles. Big pointy needles. My one fear.

Runner 1

It didn't show up. I was practicaly crying with joy. I even gave a kind comforting word to the guy who cushioned my fall. I felt brilliant, and the antidote hadn't even kicked in! "Would all runners come to the racing track please." I froze. It was a megaphone, announcing my certain triumph. "Here I go."

Runner 2

I was at the race track warming up. And silently cursing needles. The megaphone called out, "All runners for the next race, please position yourself at your running points." I walked over to my spot. "On your marks! Get set! Go!"

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