Gold Medal

This is a three chaptered about an olympic race. The charcters are not named and are not given a nationalty so not cause offences.

This story is about cheating, winnng and little bit of lost love.


1. Pressure

Runner 1

I took a breath, head in hands. "Are you sure they won't notice?" I said slowly. "Listen, its all arranged. As you move forward, my worker passes you, gives you a pat on the shoulder and an encoureging line. When they have the tests before the race our antidote won't even show up. And you will win the gold medal!" Shady replied confidently. I don't know why I did this. I can't believe I'm going to cheat. It feels wrong. "I have put my trust in you, Shady." The deal was this. I become the guinea pig for this new antidote. I get paid a million pounds. I had to keep by this. One million. I felt instantly better.

Runner Two

Two gold medals. I had to reach for this third. Then I was done. I could live happily to the end of my days, and know I could rest in peace. Then I would see Maria again. I rember the first time I saw her. The first time for three years. She stood at the end of the race track. As beautiful as she was when she lived. She beckoned me forward. I ran, ready to embrace her. I saw her twiddle with a locket as I ran. I 'd never seen it before. I embraced thin air. "Maria." I whispered sadly. "You won. You won!" My trainer told me the news. I looked to the sky and thanked my wife.

The second time was the same. She was opening the locket, and I ran once again, to find only thin air. But I saw a dark hair fall to the ground. "Maria." This time, I had to see the contents of the locket.

Runner 1

The race was tommorow. I was sweating heavily and shaking. Something bad would happen. No that was just pre-race nerves. I hoped.

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