Gold Medal

This is a three chaptered about an olympic race. The charcters are not named and are not given a nationalty so not cause offences.

This story is about cheating, winnng and little bit of lost love.


3. Gold Medal

Runner 1

I was off. I ran faster than I thought was possible. The drug had worked. I looked about the crowd, practically deafened by the cheering. I looked about the crowd and spotted the blonde girl. She was cheering along side Shady, who had probably heard that I had passed the test. I saw the drug tester, and nearly tripped up. I kept going but realised I accidentally had tripped up another contestant. The megaphone annouced that I would not be disqualified. I paid little attention and kept going. I was in first place, and I was only halfway through!

Runner 2

There was no light. Only darkness. I could see my legs moving, I could hear the other racers footsteps. The crowd were invisible. I was missing one thing though. Maria. I was tripped over, and then looked up. At the end of the race track was Maria. She was opening the locket. I got up and ran forward. For love.

Runner 1

I was in the lead. I was surprised when the runner I'd tripped up over took me. He was looking ahead, a look in his eyes I'd never seen before on a human. We were drawing near to the finish line. My final burst of the drug kicked in. I over took. I ran forward. And for the first time in my life, I was first over the finish line.

Runner 2

I could barely believe it. For a second I was in the lead. Maria was holding out her arms, cheering me on. Then someone else over took me. Maria turned her head towards them confused. Then she disapeared. I came over the finish line second place. A pain seared through me. The last man Maria saw wasn't me. It was the winner.

Runner 1

My national anthem was playing. I was walking up to the winners podium. "STOP!" I looked around. Who dared interupt my moment? I paled. It was the drug tester. I was near tears. "This man is a cheat!" He called out to the now silent crowd. He turned round to me, a wild look in his eyes. "Thought you'd get away with it? You are a traitor to your team! A disgrace on your country! We check your blood once when we've taken it, and check it again before the race. It barely showed up then, it had only taken hold of a few cells. But I thought there was something wrong. I checked it again, just before you won. It showed up." I was crying. He was right. I looked about. Shady was moving through the crowd, trying to make his quick escape. "SHADY! You promised me. I trusted you. I lost everything. " I screamed, my every word being hung on to by the crowd. Shady was quickly arrested. The guards moved towards me. "Wait." I turned round. The blonde girl was behind me. She held out a suitcase to the drug tester. "This is not a bribe. It is all the money that was involved in this mess. I was Shady's partner. I was also part of this olympics security." The crowd gasped. Well, at least the women and children who where dragged here, the earnest fans muttered about drama. I felt shocked. "This man was forced in to this mess." She said as loudly as she could. "No. I went along willingly." I replied. I was aware of what I held here. My country's reputation. She shook her head. "Shady is a convincing man. There was no reward for this. He was going to kill you after, to keep you quiet. He probably used something on you." The drug tester nodded.  "I couldn't identify it among the other drug, but there was a trace of something." I smiled weakly. "Give me the Gold Medal. There is something I must do.

Runner 2

I watched the drama unfold. Someone came forward, and gave the ex cheater the medal. He turned towards me. "This.... is rightfully yours." He placed it around my neck. "Thank you." I whispered. "No, thank you. Good thing we're in the same team, else we would have all looked bad." He gave me a wink at the end of his message. He gestuared towards the podium. He gave a sad smile. I looked to the podium. And saw Maria, arms open ready to hug me. "Maria." I stepped up. This time, she stayed there. She gave me a loving look and took the locket off. She placed it around my neck. It meant more than the gold. Then she left me, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I could join her again.

Runner 1

Things gradually, looked up for me. I wrote a book, and decided that I had enjoyed awarding medals so much, I might think of it for a living. I and the blond girl, Penelope, are engaged, and I am a father to be. Little did I know, in five years time, I would have three perfect children, and a wife I couldn't love more. I am a happy man.

Runner 2

I didn't bother packing. I'd come back for it later. There was somewhere I needed to be. I asked a guy with a rubbishy car if he could give me a lift, I needed to be discreet. Fifteen minutes later, I had reached my destination. It was a tree by a stream. Me and Maria used to climb that tree. I climbed up now, and opened the locket. Inside was a note.

My dearest husband

I am very proud of you today, and love you as much as ever. I miss you so much, but look forward to the time we can be joined again. I have three things to tell you.The first, is that everytime you come here you will see me. It is where I am strongest. Secondly, don't waste time mourning my death and spend time with our grandchildren, and make them have a grandfather to be proud of. And lastly know I will love you always, and although I died young, you still have a long life ahead of you. Make the most of it.

Your ever loving, Maria.

I looked up to the sky. "I will, Maria."

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