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8. graduation day


I remember so clearly the day of graduation, the day I realized that Austin and I wouldn't always be together. After we threw our hats and got our diplomas, he found me.   “End of high school, huh?” he said.   “Yeah.”   “What do you want to do, Amie?”   “With my life?”   “Sure.”    “Be with you.”   He didn't smile like I wanted him to.   “Don't you want to go to college?”   I sighed. “Want to, or have to?”   Now he smiled. “You choose.”   “I should. Go to college, I mean. I found one that'll accept me.”   There was a long pause before I said, “Austin, what about you?”   “What about me?”   “What are you gonna do?”   “I dunno. Do what I do best, I guess. Play my music.”   “Oh. Yeah. That's cool. See you later?”   “When would I see you?”   “I see what you mean.”   “Bye, Amie.”   “Bye.”  
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