A Summer With One Direction

Ally Martin spends her 18th birthday with her 5 best friends, Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn at the beach. Ally"s feelings for them become bigger and bigger. Will Ally find a way to explain her love for the boys?


13. Birthday Beach

 I got on my bikini and put on my sunglasses. I put my hair into a messy bun and went downstairs to see the boys in their swimming trunks.

 "Ready?" They all asked. I nodded my head and we all walked to the beach. We were on the beach and I grabbed Harry's hand. We both smiled at each other and ran into the water. As the wave hit our face we both laughed. Harry picked me up bridal style and  we went under the water. Harry stared into my eyes.

 "What?" I asked him.

 "You know you are beautiful with and without makeup." Harry said. I am so insecure I am so ugly.

 "No I'm not." I said and looked down.

 "Hey Ally you are beautiful. Don't say you are not because you are. You are so pretty and beautiful. I love you." Harry said. Harry lifted my chin up and we were staring into each others eyes. He leaned in a kissed me. "I love you Ally." Harry said.

 "I love you more." I said. He looked at me and gave me a quick kiss then we went back onto the sand. We caught up with the rest of the boys, Eleanor, and Danielle. Eleanor and Danielle were my new best friends. We went to go play volleyball and we all picked the teams.

 "Girls against boys!" Louis said. The girls and I nodded our heads and began to play.

 "Your going down styles!" I said to Harry. After 20 minutes into the game and we were winning!

 "Ok if you get this last point then you win." Zayn said. We nodded our heads and we were ready to win. We scored the point and we won. The girls and I cheered. When I was hugging them I felt something hit my head.

 "Ow!" I yelled. I turned around rubbing my head and saw the volleyball.

 "He did it!" All the boys yelled pointing to Harry. I looked at Harry with one eyebrow raising up. I ran towards him and jumped on his back. He held me up so I wouldn't fall. I tapped his leg with my foot.

 "Giddy up!" I said. He smiled and started running all around the beach. He started running to fast for me and we both fell. I fell right on top of him. I hit my head on the sand but it didn't really hurt.

 "You okay?" Harry asked me.

 "Yeah I'm fine. I hit my head but it doesn't really hurt" I said to Harry smiling.

 "I bet it hurts. I will make it feel better." harry said. He kissed me on the top of the head.

 "Feel better?" He asked. I nodded my head. "Hey so you know how we are celebrating your birthday and we are going to do some stuff with you for your birthday. I was thinking maybe all of us can go to the mall and shop then the movies and then we can go to a fancy restaurant?" Harry asked. I really wanted to do this.

 "That sounds great Harry. What time should we go and is Danielle and Eleanor coming. Can I invite them?" I asked.

 "Of course they can. Anything for you babe." Harry said while kissing me.

 "Thanks Harry." I said and hugged him. Harry helped me up and we walked back. I put my arms around his waist and put my head on his shoulder. He put his arms around my waist and we finally got to the boys.

 "Hey we should be heading back now." I said. We told them about the plans and we walked back to the hotel.

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