A Summer With One Direction

Ally Martin spends her 18th birthday with her 5 best friends, Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn at the beach. Ally"s feelings for them become bigger and bigger. Will Ally find a way to explain her love for the boys?


9. A Walk On The Beach

 "Niall, I'm sorry for everything I should've told you I am with Harry before you talked to me. I'm sorry Niall." I said to him with tears still flowing down my eyes.

 "Ally, I'm the one that should be apologizing. I shouldn't overreact over that. I'm sorry and I hope you forgive me." Niall said.

 "Of course I forgive you. You are my bestest friend. I love you in a friend way." I said looking pretty confident. I smiled and wrapped my arms around Niall. He smile back.

 "Ally?" Niall said. "Yeah." I answered.

 "You and Harry talked what did he say to you?" Niall asked questioning.

 "Ummmmm... Harry said that he had feelings for me the day we met. He said he never been able to tell me that. Um he said whenever he s around me he feels spark between us. And he said that he loved me." I said.

 "Oh what did you say back to him." Niall asked.

 "I told him I felt the same way about him and that I also loved him." I told Niall.

 "Then what?" He asked.

 "He kissed me." I said to him.

 "Oh." was all Niall managed to say to me.

 "I think we should head back to the suite. It's getting chilly and pretty late." I said. He nodded his head and we walked back. We entered the suite and all the boys were sitting on the couch. Harry jumped up.

 "Hey everything okay? What happened? Where were you?" Harry asked.

 "I'm okay babe. Niall ran into the ocean and he started drowning." I spoke. "I'm going to bed Harry can you come?" I said while pulling Harry's hand. He nodded his head and followed me to the room. I opened the door and locked it and got into my pajamas. I went under the covers with Harry and he put his arm around.

 "Harry don't get mad at me but I have something to tell you."

 "What is it baby?" Harry asked.

 "N-Niall kissed me." I said turning to Harry.

 "He what?!" Harry screamed. Harry ran out of the room and screamed at Niall.

 "WHY DID YOU KISS MY GIRLFRIEND!" Harry screamed at Niall.

 "W-what do you mean?" Niall said.

 "You know what I mean why did you kiss my girlfriend." Harry yelled.

 "I-I" Niall began terrified. I grabbed Harry's shoulder and pulled him back.

 "Harry calm down!" I yelled. "Niall didn't know. He didn't know you and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. When you and I had the private talk and when you left Niall came in after. I tried to tell him that you and I were a couple I tried to Harry but he kissed me. He didn't know." I said with tears flowing from my eyes. 

 "I'm s-sorry H-Harry." Niall said.

 "It's okay man I'm sorry Niall and I'm sorry Ally." Harry said hugging me.

 "Can we all just go to sleep." Louis said. We laughed and went back to bed.

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