<3 Night night sleep tight <3


5. sleepover


“Tina, what's wrong?” she asked sympathetically. I could already see the possible situations  that would make me this upset going through her head.     Her asking put me over the edge. Tears started to explode out of my eyes, just like they had minutes ago, but this time it was much worse.     I felt Emma's small arms wrap around me, and instantly I felt a tiny bit better. Than I heard her whisper something to me, but she said it to softly for me to hear.     I pulled away a bit so I could see her face. “What did you say Emma?” I asked quietly.     “I asked if it has something to do with Jared.” She said while looking at the floor. I knew how hard it was for her when I was sad. I nodded slowly.     “Come on Tina. Lets get you to my house.” She said while she quickly went to my room and grabbed the over night bag that I had packed about fifteen minutes before she had arrived  here.     After we walked down the stairs I locked the front door and followed Emma to Jamie's silver Volvo.  
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