The up tight bully

this is a true story of what happened to me but i put most of the names in codes hope you like :)


2. lunch

So what u going to do about Anna ?said True ,,,,I don't know I think I'm going tell mrs but i don't know. Well I think you should you,, need to tell. Yeh so when do you think I should tell her ? Maybe before we go lunch if u wanna. lunch came Mrs can I talk to you? Yeh what can do for you . Well do you know Anna she been making mean stuff to me .What do you mean ? When we were doing our work on the computer Ellen came up to me and said that Anna said that she didn't want to be my friend anymore and I did not know why though. Well if it gets worse please tell me because this is important so we talk about it. After . Ok Mrs thank you for my help .But what if things get worse I dont want to be known as the grasser.Well just think about it told True. But im still confused! On what? ANNA why would she randomly say that it is like she is a hater but she does not want to say it to me just confusing?

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