The up tight bully

this is a true story of what happened to me but i put most of the names in codes hope you like :)


1. computer time

Im at school Mrs j called the register fas ,Katie , Anna, true. Yasmin which is me.

Mrs j set us to work we had to go on the computer and research about something so i sat on the computer next to the classroom door .Some people had to go on next door computers like Anna, Ellen  and Rouka.

Mrs how much do we have to finish this I asked. You have 30 minutes left Yasmin.

5 minutes later Ellen came up to me and said by the way Anna said she don`t want to be your friend any-more .Whaa what did i do ,do you know just forget don`t say anything to her. BRING BRING went the bell. Break time finally  was over then Anna started laughing at me what was her problem".What have you ever done to her"said true.


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