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will Selena get her guy?


6. we lost the others


“Um Jai” I said. “Mhmm” He absent-mindedly said. “I think we lost the others” I told Jai. He looked around and worry crossed his face. “Shit we did-” Jai looked the other way and I saw him try to suppress a laugh. “You already knew didnt you?” I asked him and he looked at me and I laughed out loud. “We lost them way back, suprised you didn’t realise earlier” He smiled at me. “I was distracted” I blushed. “Anyway Im glad, the love between all of them was killing me” I told Jai who raised his eyebrows at me. “Luke and Sara, James was texting someone and even Beau and Cerrie. I know their best friends but come on they obviously fancy one another. Being single around couples suck” I whined. “Tell me about it” Jai said looking sad when he suddenly realised something. “Hey you didn’t answer my question before, was James talking about Sara with you?” He looked at me. What was I suppoed to say? Tell him the truth and ruin their friendship or lie to Jai?  “No” I said, Jai looked at me, part of him was shocked and part of him wasn’t suprised. “What’d he say?” Jai asked already knowing the answer. “He wanted to say sorry for being a jerk to me” I lied and Jai looked at me confused. I wasn’t going to lie to Jai but I wasn’t going to tell him the whole truth. “He apologised? Did he say why he was a jerk to you?” Jai asked me. “Nah, he just said sorry, theres something going on and he’s just taking it out on me… you would’t know why, would you?” I asked Jai who quickly shook his head. “Nope, I wouldnt have a clue” Jai said as we continued to walk side by side.  
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