<3 beautiful dreamer <3

will Selena get her guy?


4. the wrong question


“You and James were talking before… about Sara- were you really talking about her?” Jai asked and my smile faltered. You’re so dumb Selena, how could you possibly think Jai was going to ask you out, you’re so stupid. I felt so embarrassed that I thought Jai was actually going to ask me out. “Selena?” Jai said. “Is everything ok? You look like you’re about to cry”  Shit! Dont cry for the love of god, dont cry in front of Jai. That’s what you’ll need. For Jai to think your a cry baby. “No Im not, the wind is making me eyes water” I lied. It wasn’t a bad lie either, the weather was starting to get bad and I saw a tree to my left sway back and forth the branchs looking like they would snap off at any minute.  
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