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will Selena get her guy?


1. situation


When I walked back into Timezone I had only one thing on my mind. Jai. James had just told me that Jai liked me, but how was that even possible? I had sat outside for a long time, replaying mine and James conversation in my head… over and over again. James had looked me in the eyes and said “Jai likes you” no buts no stutter, he stated it. I was already hooked on Jai, and there was no going back. The feeling inside me was- was- words could not explain what I was feeling right now.   There was also the situation with Jai’s ex-girlfriend- if you could even call her that. She had messed with Jai bad enough to make James react the way he did, and I didnt blame him, how could someone do that to something as precious as Jai? I liked Jai and he liked me yet I couldn’t tell him, James had made me swear never to tell Jai about the conversation we had. James was one of the few people Jai could trust in his life, I guess after Kat he lost alot of trust in people. I didn’t want Jai to think that he couldn’t trust anyone so I would have to sit in silence and watch us hide our feelings for one another.   
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