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will Selena get her guy?


7. rain, pouring rain go to Spain


“Jai It’s starting to pour down” I looked up at the sky to see the thunder clouds roll above us, the noise ear shattering.  “I know, we’re almost there” Jai said nervously looking around us. He was shaking and I felt so bad for taking his jumper. “Jai please take your jumper” I begged him for the 100th time. “No” That’s all he would say when I asked him, ‘no’. Before Jai had his arm wrapped around me but he realised five minutes later what he was doing and slightly pushed me off him. The rain was really bad now and I could bearly see 20 meters in front of me, we were stepping in puddles and wiping our eyes when the real storm hit us. It was like we were in the ocean, out of no where rain hammered down on me and Jai and the thunder grew louder lighting the dark sky up. “Run” Jai yelled to me grabbing my hand leading me down the street. We were running hand in hand with our other hands over our heads tryna to stop what little rain we could from hitting us. I yelled out in pain as I tripped over something.  
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