<3 beautiful dreamer <3

will Selena get her guy?


9. kiss?


“What’d ya- think- your-” Jai huffed trying to get me off him. We wrestled and Jai had my arms locked, I tried to squirm out but I couldn’t. I stuck my tounge out at Jai and we both laughed, I took a step back but tripped over something behind me and Jai fell on top of me. We were still laughing when we both realised the position we were in. I was on the ground my arms held by Jai’s, above my head. He was on top of me ever so gently, I could barely feel him against me. Jai was searching my eyes for something, water dripping down his face, his hair sticking out of his beanie was curling to one side and the rain from his lips were dripping down onto mine. Jai ever so slowly moved his face closer to mine, his face was inchs apart from mine and I could feel his breath against my cheek. His lips parted slightly and I knew what was coming, Jai was going to kiss me. He inched his lips towards mine. I closed my eyes waiting for Jai’s lips to be against mine.   I waited for what felt like an eternity before I felt pressure against my forehead. I opened my eyes to see Jai resting his forehead against mine, his eyes closed. He had a pained look on his face and I begun to worry.  
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