<3 beautiful dreamer <3

will Selena get her guy?


8. i see the park


“Come on Selena. I see the park!” Jai yelled pointing to a park up ahead. It had a playground and a little field for people to let their dogs roam free. We ran over to the playground which had a shade sail over it, and Jai fell to the floor, which was made out of rubber. “Jai are you alright?” I asked nervously his chest was moving up and down really fast. “Im fine” Jai breathed getting up and walking over to me. “I guess though” He said looking around us. “We’ll be stuck here for a while” Jai said dissappointed. “Dont sound to sad to be alone with me” I laughed even though I was slightly hurt.  “No I didn’t mean it like that, I just-”  “Im only kidding” I said punching Jai in the arm and again we looked at each other. This afternoon was for some reason different, Jai and I had completely loosened up around each other and I didn’t feel shy around him. Jai laughed and I grabbed him by the shoulder trying to put him in a head lock.  
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