<3 beautiful dreamer <3

will Selena get her guy?


2. going out


“Selena, you ready?” Sara yelled out to me. I looked up to see everyone standing by the door waiting for me. Jai was looking at me curiously and James had a solemn look on his face.  “Yeah” I replied running over to them all. It was around 4:30 and the weather had dramatically changed. It wasn’t hot and sunny like this morning when I arrived, It was now stormy, cloudy and very windy. I shivered as we left TimeZone walking down the street.  “Is anyone getting picked up?” Luke asked looking back at all of us, we all shook our heads except for Aden who said good bye to the rest of us and headed in the opposite direction.  Luke and Sara were at the front cuddling one another. Cerrie and Beau were off to the side laughing and punching each others arms. If i didn’t know they were friends I would of thought they were dating, they would be perfect for each other. James was up next to Luke on his phone smiling like a little girl which led me to believe he was texting a girl and Jai was slightly behind me kicking a rock around with his foot. I was slightly nervous being in front of Jai, what If I tripped up or fell over? That would be absolutely embarrasing. I was about to pull my phone out and pretend someone was texting me when Jai came up beside me.  
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