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will Selena get her guy?


5. cold


“Oh here” Jai started to take his jumper off. “What are you doing? Put your jumper back on, you’re gonna get sick” I told him. Jai handed me the jumper and I pushed it away. “Dont be silly, Im fine. Put the jumper on Selena before you freeze to death” Jai said so firmly that I obligied and did as he said. I put the jumper on and I could smell his colone, It left me in a trance. Jai smelt so beautiful. Even with the jumper on I was still cold and my teeth started to chatter. “Your still cold” Jai whispered to me and before I knew what was going on he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him and I couldnt help but rest my head on his shoulder, I heard Jai sigh and I looked up at him. This moment right now was one of the best moments of my life, I was looking up at Jai who was looking straight ahead. The cloudy sky in the background and the blow of the wind against his face made him look like an angel. “Thanks” I whispered to him. We walked for a long time before I realised something.  
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