<3 my little angel <3

Rebeka Jackson falls in love with Jai Brooks.


4. letter


Once we got in I noticed a letter on the fridge. It said: “Rebeka, I’ll be gone for a while, money’s in the table. See you soon!”  I looked at Jai. “So what do you wanna do?” I hugged him from behind.  “Let’s go watch a movie!” He said.  We were both pretty tired I guess, especially from that long ride. “Ok then, sounds fun!” I said hugging him tighter.  He picked my legs up and I wrapped them around his waist, I held onto his neck. He was now giving me a piggyback! He ran quickly up the stairs to either exaggerate how strong he was, or how light I am. He laid me down in my bed and he got my laptop and put in a movie, it was a comedy…  
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