<3 my little angel <3

Rebeka Jackson falls in love with Jai Brooks.


1. airport


I stood there alone in the airport waiting for the boys. I was checking my phone for the time, hoping it would make me look less lonely. A bunch of girls were here too, knowing that the Janoskians would be here. I sighed. I found a comfy place to sit down on and dug in my bag for my iPod. Earphones jammed in my ears and I pressed play. Suddenly random songs blocked all the giggly girls out. 15 minutes have gone by. I was getting lost in the music I didn’t even realize all the girls were screaming now. I couldn’t here a thing, just little shrieks and ‘I love yous’. Before I knew it two hands held my eyes. “Guess who missed you?” Someone said in a squeaky low voice.   
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