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Tess Willson your average normal girl. Normal life. Normal friends. Normal life. Normal boyfriend. But can her world be turned upside down by the popular guy Jason.


5. she dated my bf?


They had dated for a short time before we met. He had admitted to me once that they had slept together, and he did like her, but he was always paranoid that she was out cheating on him so they broke up.  "Yeah they used to date, what does that have to do with anything?" I asked. It was her turn to sigh. I set my phone on speaker and placed it on the bathroom counter, where I happened to be getting ready for school.  I went back to straightening my hair. "Well Jessica and Jason breaking up wasn't the only news I had to tell you, Chanel also heard that Jessica isn't going to take him back this time, that she has her sights set on an old flame." She explained.  "Scott's not the only guy she's been with you know." I tried to reason. "Obviously, but let me finish, Jessica also said that this particular guy has sandy brown hair and is on the football team.." damn Scott for being a football player.  "That still dosen't mean its Scott-" "Will you please let me finish?!" Alyssa begged, clearly annoyed.  "Right sorry." I said and reached for a bottle of hair spray.  
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