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Tess Willson your average normal girl. Normal life. Normal friends. Normal life. Normal boyfriend. But can her world be turned upside down by the popular guy Jason.


6. cant be my Scott


 "The last thing Jessica said was that this guy has really unique hazel eyes." she said hesitantly this time. I froze.  The thing me, and every other girl love about Scott are his eyes. He has the muscles, the genuine smile, the brown spiked hair that never gets messed up, but his best features are his hazel eyes.  I tried not to let this affect me, but who wants a known skank coming after their boyfriend? I wondered briefly if Scott would choose me over Jessica. It hurt to think about it. "Tess? Tess are you still there?" Alyssa was saying.  "Yeah, I'm still here." I replied. She could hear the hurt in my voice.  "Look, I didn't tell you all of this to upset you, I just wanted you to be on guard, that's all." she said. I felt a little better.  "I know, thanks Alyssa, see you at school." I said and hung up. I went to pick up the straightner but gave up and left the bathroom feeling frustrated. what a perfect way to start the day!
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