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Hey there! This is a "Imagine" about Niall Horan♥♥


1. Am I Dreaming? Niall Horan Imagine♥♥



♥ ♥ ♥ Am I Dreaming? - Niall Horan ♥♥♥




Niall bringing you up on stage at their concert. He sits you down and pulls out a massive bouquet of red roses. He takes your hand as the music starts to play. He looks into your eyes and starts to sing "just the way you are" while the whole crowd is in awe at his sweetness. The rest of the boys join in the song to harmonise and you can't help but smile and blush like crazy. When the song finishes, Liam asks the crowd to quieten down because Niall wants to talk. Niall, still holding your hand says "(your name) I've known you for a short time, but in that short period of time, I have been happier than I have ever been. Will you be my girlfriend?" ♥ ♥

It's the night after the concert when Niall asked you out. Tonight, he's taking you out on your first date as a public couple. You put on your flowy, strapless baby blue dress that comes down to your mid thigh and has a black bow at the back which adds an elegant effect. you mildly curl your hair and pin it in place, you decide not to wear too much make up, only a little bit for this special occassion. You glance at yourself in the mirror, you look absolutely stunning. You apply a final coat of lip gloss just as you hear a knock on your door. You grab your purse, take a deep breath and open the door to see a smiling Niall. He is wearing a pale button up shirt, with tight dress jeans and toms. He smiles wildly at you. "Wow babe you! You are absolutely gorgeous!"

You blush and look away slightly, your smile is massive and your face is radiating with happiness. "Thank you babe, you look amazing too!" He giggles cutely and takes your hand and leads you to the car. he opens the door for you like a gentleman before getting in the drivers seat. "Where are you taking me mr amazing?" You ask him with a smile. "Well ms gorgeous, i would tell you, but that would ruin the surprise!" He winks at you and hums along to the radio while driving. You take this opportunity to look at him closely. You start with his perfectly groomed hair, then his beautiful deep blue eyes which you often get lost in. You look at his cute button nose and perfect, kissable lips, before looking at his perfect body. Perfectly toned torso and muscular arms. you sigh deeply, "what a beautiful man" you say, not aware that you said it out loud. He smiles and blushes, "no, nothing is beautiful compared to you" he says and pecks you on the cheek. "We have arrived my lady!" He shouts like an excited kid at Christmas. Still in awe of what he said, you look around at your surroundings. "Wow...." You gasp. "Niall this is incredible!"


There is a beautiful candlelit dinner there in front of you with both of your names on the table over looking the beach. There are rose petals on the table and on the surrounding area where you stand. It all seems surreal and perfect. "Do you like it?" He whispers shyly while opening your door. "No." You say with a straight face, you watch his face drop before laughing. "I don't like it, I LOVE IT!" You giggle. His face lights up, "ahh! I'm gunna get you!" He laughs. You both get out of the car and walk towards your table. He takes your hand and you look around. Tonight is going to be perfect! You think to yourself. "How did I manage to get you?" You ask him seriously. "Babe, I wonder how I managed to get YOU. You are so beautiful and sweet, you make me laugh like no one else, when I'm with you its like nothing else matters. As long as I have you, I'm complete" he says while taking a step closer to you. Your eyes tear up, and you smile up at him as a stray tear falls, he catches it with his finger tips. "Niall, you are incredible, I just can't believe how perfect you are in every single way. Out of all the girls you could have, you pick me. I'm so grateful to have you" you reply while you move your arms to wrap around his shoulders. He places his hands lightly on your hips, before leaning in and kissing you deeply. Yeah. Tonight is going to be perfect, you think to yourself before melting into his embrace.




Niall takes your hand and leads you to your beautifully decorated table. He pulls out your chair like a true gentleman and you cant help but giggle at his cuteness. He takes a seat in front of you and you both wait for your food to arrive. He nervously runs his hand through his beautiful blonde hair, and sighs. "Nialler?" you ask. He doesn't hear you, and keeps fidgeting. "NIALL?" you say again, voice slightly louder, which jolts him out of his trance. "Oh sorry babe what was that?" He asks cutely. You smile warmly at him "Why are you so nervous!?" you laugh. His cheeks turn a dark shade of red and he blushes wildly, "Well... uh ... sure I've taken girls out on dates before...But you're the only one who makes me feel this way" he stammers. Can he get anymore perfect? You silently think to yourself before taking is hands in yours. "I've known you for a while Niall, and still, every time I see you I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart skips a beat, i blush and turn redder than a tomato, i smile like a goof! And I'm still wondering why you would pick me out of all the girls you could have!" you whisper, while he looks at you intently. "(your name), Beautiful, you just described how i feel right now. And yeah there are plenty of other girls out there! But they aren't you! They don't complete me like you do, it's like you're my missing puzzle piece." He says while stroking your cheek. You stare into his deep blue eyes and sigh, "I am so lucky to be able to call someone as perfect as you my boyfriend" you say while he wraps his muscular arms around you, you feel so safe and warm in his embrace. You are interrupted by a waiter who politely informs you that dinner is served. This is turning out to be the best date night ever, with the most perfect boy ever. ♥  

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