Love Again

The rich girl Brianna Sommerfield falls in love with the rich guy Scott Turneer, but Scott turns out to be a total badass whenever his parents are not around and a goody two shoes when ever they are. Brianna's parents expect her to be with a good boy not one like Scott. But after they have shared they're first kiss, will any thing keep them apart?


4. uh-oh

"I dont even have a fridge." he says annoyed. I bite my lip and take him by his free hand. I show him into my house and he gets weird looks from the servants and butler. Its now that i notice he isnt wearing a shirt. Hes wearing casual shorts up to his knees and flip flops. And to make matters worse hes attractive. and obviously works out.  hes tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Hes got abs and a light tan. A servant frowns at me. I ignore her and take him to the kitchen. The chef frowns at me too. I ignore him as well. I go straight to the fridge next to the cooler and i grab a slab of ice and wrap some paper towels around it. I motion for the guy to sit on the chair beside the counter. i apply the slab of ice to his face and start apologising again. He doesnt complain as i neatly apply the ice to his cheek. After about five minutes he says hes okay and i quickly fetch some special cream which should stop a bruise from forming.  i apologise one last time and lead him into the main room. The main room is enormous with a huge living room and two staircase leading to the second floor. the marble staircases are shaped s theyre on each side of the room and then there the second floor which they both lead up to. a couch and coffee table are set up in the middle of the room but the proper living room is through a hallway at the other side of the room. And i frown as i see my parents come through the door. great.  


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