Love Again

The rich girl Brianna Sommerfield falls in love with the rich guy Scott Turneer, but Scott turns out to be a total badass whenever his parents are not around and a goody two shoes when ever they are. Brianna's parents expect her to be with a good boy not one like Scott. But after they have shared they're first kiss, will any thing keep them apart?


5. trouble


They look curious and disapproving. i cant really blame them. i mean come on im in the house with a shirtless guy...its not a good situation. The guys whos name i dont even know look kind of shifty. i quickly tell my parents we have to go. they seem super dissaproving when i say "we". oh well the lecture will have to be when this guy isnt here. i take him outside and he gives me an amused look.  "what?!" i snap. he smiles at me softly.  "Its just that your parenst looked like they wanted to kill me...i bet they thought we did something bad." he starts laughing. i glare at him but suddenly i feel like laughing too. when we get to his house i cant not burst into laughter.  "they mustve loved the fact that you didnt have a shirt on" i say as i laugh  "That was hilarious! they looked so dissaproving...i feel sorry for you when you have to go home. but you can always tell them im your boyfriend" he says with a wink. i cant help but smile at this.   
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