Love Again

The rich girl Brianna Sommerfield falls in love with the rich guy Scott Turneer, but Scott turns out to be a total badass whenever his parents are not around and a goody two shoes when ever they are. Brianna's parents expect her to be with a good boy not one like Scott. But after they have shared they're first kiss, will any thing keep them apart?


2. stupid truck


The stupid truck screeches again and i walk up to the house next door. A huge masnsion that is. But our mansion is the biggest and most amazing on the whole street. i see a boy about my age leaning against the open gate. I glare at him and walk up to him. What irritates me is when he says "wow" really quietly as i reach him. quite a few of the guys i meet like whata they see but i dont react. I frown and say  "You can afford a mansion but not a noiseless moving truck?" He laughs. arrgh that seriously makes me want to punch him.  "Look neighbour i didnt order this loud dad got his assistant to. so stop complaining...i have to listen to the screeches too."  I roll my eyes.  "I dont like you"   
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