Love Again

The rich girl Brianna Sommerfield falls in love with the rich guy Scott Turneer, but Scott turns out to be a total badass whenever his parents are not around and a goody two shoes when ever they are. Brianna's parents expect her to be with a good boy not one like Scott. But after they have shared they're first kiss, will any thing keep them apart?


12. pool time


My sister Tara lays there on the beach chair and sips on her drink. Shes wearing a blue bikini and im wearing a hot pink and lime green one. I'm surprised when Scott walks into the backyard. I roll my eyes as my sister licks her lips and pushes her chest put a bit more. What an idiot!   Scott doesnt seem to notice her and just says that mum told him to come over for a swim. i nod and see him in swimming shorts and nothing else. in one hand hes got a towel and thats all. Tara jumps into the pool and bobs back up and motions for us to join her. We jump in too and Tara (my sister) brings us noodles to hit each other with playfully. We do and then splash water on each other and laugh and play around.  
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