Love Again

The rich girl Brianna Sommerfield falls in love with the rich guy Scott Turneer, but Scott turns out to be a total badass whenever his parents are not around and a goody two shoes when ever they are. Brianna's parents expect her to be with a good boy not one like Scott. But after they have shared they're first kiss, will any thing keep them apart?


1. mirror mirror on the wall who's the prettiest off them all


I look at the myself in the mirror. Long thick dark brown hair, huge icy blue eyes, tanned skin, angelina jolie lips and nose. Bikini model body. i frown. I've been playing sports since i was 9 and have been a model since i was 15. Thats why i have such a great body. And living in Australia makes you get a gorgeous tan anyway. My sister is so rich its gross. Shes even prettier than me and 5 years older. I'm nineteen. i havent liked a guy. ever. My sister on the other hand has had a million boyfriends. Shes like the opposite of me. But no-one has really touched my heart. Ya know? I had a relationship with a guy and we broke up on good terms. Great terms actually, we're still good friends. But what he and i had was just like. not love. I go sit on my bed and groan as i hear the loud screech of a freaking old moving truck. I can see it from my window. I put on a pair of designer black skinny jeans and a strapless pink designer top. I quickly put on my designer sandels and walk outside.  
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