One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


22. We're going Down, Down.. Sugar, Are We Going Down Swinging?

**Court's POV**

I haven't heard from Lauren in a long time. I mean, i know she's really busy but, I want to talk to her... I think Louis & I might be in trouble. Plus, Niall said he had to talk about something big.. I invited Liam over to talk.. He's really good at helping with big things. It all started a couple days ago...


*2 days earlier*

"I'm so sick of this! Urgh! GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF HERE!" I hear Lou yell from down the hall.. What's going on? "Boo Bear, is everything okay? Oh my gosh!" I whisper.. Lou has a bloodied lip and bruising eye and the window right next to him is smashed.. "These.. These.. PARASITES! A photographer tried to break in and get pictures of my bed! He nailed me in the eye and, I guess, he was wearing some ring and it cut me.." he looked so humiliated and ashamed... But, why? "Lou, why are you upset then? You took care of him! It's over now," I said trying to comfort him. "Courtney, that's the thing! It never will be and I don't want this to happen to you!" he started to yell again. "Louis, I can tell you're upset right now and I know you want to protect me. That's so dear to me, but I think I'll be alright. I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself. Lauren and I fended for ourselves for years against people much worse than a silly photographer! Lou, it's alright," I tried to comfort him again.. He looked almost offended now. "So, you think I can't protect you now?! You don't think I'm strong enough?! Am I not good enough for you?" Lou practically started screaming again, "Court, you deserve protection and so much more, but, I've been too stupid to see you obviously don't think I'm right for the job anymore.." he puffed one last time and walked out.. Leaving me on the floor, dying inside.. 


**Lou's POV**

I'm so upset.. I don't want Courtney to get hurt! She's my everything and I didn't mean what I said during our huge fight a couple of days ago. That photographer scared me and he tried to question me on Courtney & other rude topics.. He was being disgusting. I told him to leave and delete the photos. Instead of being kind and just deleting and leaving, he decided to punch me in the eye and head a few times! Anyways, Courtney found me and I flipped out. I know she's strong and I just want to protect my beautiful gem! "Courtney, Courtney, could you come here a minute, love? I'm so sorry, baby," I call to her.. I hear her in the living room.. And, I think Niall... then I hear Liam... What's going on? I walk down to the living room to see Niall, Liam, and my everything talking in the living room. "Oh hey Lou!" Niall chirps and a "Ello, mate!" from Liam.. "Eh.. What's everyone doing here? Court, did you invite them over?" I ask.. "I wanted to talk things out with Liam and I asked Niall if he wanted to swing by too," she replied.. I couldn't stop looking into those beautiful clear eyes of hers. They looked like Lauren's a bit except, hers had a more grayish undertone than Courtney's.. "I think I have feelings for Lauren, but Harry doesn't know... Neither does Lauren," Niall blurts out and then looks embarrassed and looks for a pillow to hide his face.. I snap back to reality. "What?!" Liam and I in unison as Courtney just stares at him dumbfounded.. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I don't know what it is about her, but I just want her to be by my side all the time and cuddle with me like she does with Harry! I'm so ashamed.." he cries out.. Poor lad. He's really fallen for Lauren. "Niall, you know she loves you, but as a friend. Plus, she and Harry are practically perfect together. She thinks he could be the one... Niall? Nialllll? Earth to Niall.." Court explains.. I love her soft voice.. She sounds so compassionate and sweet. "I'm going to Nando's!" I say under my breath. "I'm sorry, I'm just hurting a tad right now.." I heard him slightly whisper, slightly cry. The poor lad! His face is solid as a rock, but, I could tell easily, his heart was breaking faster than a bullet flying through thin glass. He got the same look after Demi tried to let him down gently. "Um.. Well, Niall, why don't we go home now? We'll go to every restaurant, drive through, and Nando's we can find, alright?" Liam lead him out the door. As I heard Liam start his car, Niall's cries became more audible. Those were the kind of tears you just need to get out of your system and you don't care who sees you cry since you just want to be locked in your room and have no visitors. "Courtney, I'm so sorry, my love. I love you so much and I can't believe I was such an ass to you a couple of days ago," I walk towards Courtney as I try to forget the image of a broken Niall driving away with Liam.. He looked as broken as I was after Eleanor and I broke up. I loved that woman so much, yet our fairy tale died after rumors of me being gay, her sleeping around, and everything in between got the best of us.. I don't love Courtney as much as Eleanor.. I love her so much more. I can't think of life without her and I never want to try. She's like a dream and I don't ever plan to wake up. "Lou, you really hurt me.. Why would you say that if you didn't and still don't mean it? Just be honest with me," she replies softly, but not in her sweet soft voice.. It was a soft torn voice. "I was scared and frustrated. I love you more than anything and I don't want what happened with El and I to happen to us.." She looks at me lovingly, but still a tad angry. "Why do you always mention her?! El this, Eleanor that.." Oh no. She's very angry.. "What do you mean?" I ask confused. "You always talk about her, Lou! Please face the fact that you guys have been done for nearly four months now and I'm not her! I never have been, still am not, and never will be Eleanor! I love you so much, but I don't know if you really love me fully or if your heart still belongs to her," her tears spill over onto her cheek. They are full of pain, love, and desire... I want her so badly now and I don't know how else to show her. She yells something else, but for some reason I can't hear her anymore. I can only see her mouthing a few words like, "never want to you again" and "stop with El" then breaking down in front of me and running up the the stairs all while she tries to save face for me. I see her walk to her room and slam the door shut. I'm frozen while all the while I just wanted to take her into my arms and apologize for just saying all the wrong things to my everything.. I just stand there.. Suddenly, I loose it and fall to my knees. Courtney is shutting me out when all I want to do is hold her and love her. I want and need her most now and she doesn't want to see my face ever again. "Courtney! Love me!" I yell one last time before I hear her lock her door and turn up some music loudly. I need to take a walk down to Harry's house. Calling Liam, I felt my heart shatter into shards and I felt them pierce me from the inside. This pain is so unbearable that I would never even wish this kind of pain onto any of my enemies.. "Louis! I'm so glad to see you, mate! I have big news and I want you to hear it before everyone else!" he looks so happily carefree. He looks more happy than I've ever seen him before. "Har... Har... Ha..." I try to choke out and I end up sobbing into his shoulder.. He leads me inside and makes me a coup of tea. I tell him everything and I feel like I'm dying with every word I reiterate to him.. "Lou, I know you. It's going to be alright. I'm not going to let you lose her.. No one is going anywhere," Hazza embraces me as I continue to sob louder and louder into his shoulder. I eventually fall asleep right there on Harry's couch. I love Harry. I love Liam. I love Niall. I love Zayn. I love Lauren. Most over everything in the entire world though, I still love Courtney... I don't think nor do I want to be in love with Eleanor anymore. She crushed my heart when she just left in the middle of the night and the only goodbye I got from her was her last I love you before she and I went to sleep. The note I found the next morning hurt like hell. She even took out all of the photos we had taken together along with the rest of her things.. I don't want to lose Courtney like that and I refuse to let her go. Courtney is my everything, period. She's the only one I love, the only one I need everyday, and the only one I want every night. Courtney is my perfect other half and I want to be hers forever. I will be hers forever... That is... If she'll be by my side the day I say, "I do."

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