One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


10. Torture Without You (Warning: pretty graphic!)

*4 1/2 days later*

**Lauren's POV**

I wake up finally.. I'm covered with bruises, bumps, scratches, nasty gashes, and I think, I've broken my wrist. My head is killing me and my clothes are torn. Where am I? What happened? What time is it? Where are the girls? Where's Courtney? Where's... I catch myself mid-thought... Where's Harry? I don't want to panic and cause a scene. I see bars, metal thick bars, caging me in. I'm claustrophobic and I realize this nightmare-ish hell is my reality. I'm not dreaming. I want to run, get out of here, or somehow escape. No windows, no doors, so, no way out. Drat! I try to think happy thoughts to myself. Dawn & Marie playing in the park... Courtney talking with Louis... Harry and I holding hands... My thoughts are interrupted by a door being slammed. "HEY BOSS! IT LOOKS LIKE OUR GUEST IS AWAKE THIS TIME!" a fairly large man shouts.. I gulp.. I'm going to die here, aren't I? "Lenny, shut the hell up, MAN! You've frightened the chick! (Rude! I'm not a chick! I'm a young woman!) What's wrong, princess?" a man a tad bit shorter than Lenny yet, with lesser hair. "Wh... What time? Tim-.. is?" I try to say.. I'm dehydrated and starving. I can eat like Niall but, seriously, I'm hungry. "It's 1:43 on a Friday, slut! Now, tell us!" Lenny yells again. The taller man seems awfully quiet. "Wh-.. w-" I feel really dizzy now and it looks like Lenny and the taller chap are spinning with the rest of the room. "Franky, we should at least get her some water. If we kill her, we can't get our reward!" Lenny says. Reward? What are they talking about? What do they want with me? And if these guys are just henchmen.. Who's their boss? Franky scurries off quickly and brings back a glass of water and a small piece of bread. I can feel my mouth starting to try to drool.. SNAP OUT OF IT, LAUREN! I can't seem weak! "Giver her the water, Lenny," tall Franky says. Franky tilts my head back and I try to fight back. I try to claw & punch with my good arm as best as I can. I was never a lefty. Lenny catches my good wrist. Oh God no! "This is for trying to fight us!" Lenny whispers closely to my ear & snaps my wrist. I want to scream in shear pain but, my throat is so dry that my voice is gone. Tears are flooding my face as I silently scream. Lenny just smirks and Franky laughs a hardy deep belly laugh like I used to hear my dad laugh. "And, this, is for not telling us what we want to know!" Franky picks me up by the waist & drops me from his height. I already look so small and feeble compared to him but, this, this was pure torture. I think my right ankle is sprained from the fall since I can't put pressure on it at all. "Hey! Leave the torturing to me, damn it! I'm the one with the beef with this slut," I hear a feminine voice. It sounds like someone I know.. Maybe from the hospital.. I see a young woman, some taller than me, with green eyes and chestnut hair staring deep into my terrorized eyes. "Remember me, you slut?! Well, do you?" she yells. I think my headache is turning to a migrane. I think I might be sick. No. I'm not letting myself give in. I must fight. I find my voice. "N.. nn.. No. I don't remember you. Why am I here? If I'm going to be kidnapped and tortured, I want to know why! You owe me that," I say as dignified as I can while trying to resist scooping up any water around the now broken glass from the cup. "Fine. I'll give you that. You're famous now because you're with the man I love. The man I've desired to be with since grade school! Harry Styles," she says icily, "My name... is... Natalie."

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