One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


2. Those Eyes

**Lauren's POV**

My alarm clock goes off at 6:30 like it usually does. I get up just like any other day. The only difference was today I had some odd little spring in my step and felt like a new person. Deciding between a cute new top & favorite jeans or new adorable sundress, I pick the sundress, shower, & put on the dress. "LAUREN! LAUREN! LAUREN!" Dawn yells excitedly to me. She's never up this early.... I wonder what's going on. "Dawn, please be a bit quieter! Marie is still sleeping and your mom has to go to work very soon," I whisper quietly. "I'm not sleeping! I'm.... I"M WIDE AWAKE!" Marie starts singing Katy Perry. "Marie, shut up!! I want to hear Lauren sing more One Direction! Please, Lauren, sing One Thing, y'know it's my favorite," Dawn asks me with those big green eyes.... Geez.. It's hard to say no to those eyes.. "Shot me out of the sky! You're my kryptonite! You making me weak, yeah, frozen & can't breathe! Marie!" I begin.. "Something's gotta give now!.. Everyone!" Marie sings sweetly. "'CUZ I'M DYING JUST TO KNOW YOUR NAME! AND I NEED YOU HERE WITH ME NOW!" We all sing a tiny bit out of tune but, happily! "Because you've got that One Thing!" I finish the chorus quietly and walk the girls to their room to get ready for the day. Dawn keeps singing while Marie tries to mimic the harmonies. I wish I had enough money to see the One Direction in concert. I'd take my best friend & sister, Courtney & these little cuties. We're all huge directioners. I go to the kitchen to make breakfast & start coffee for my boss, Mrs. Leons. I begin to dream about going to a concert & wonder why the girls were up so early but, the scent of burning waffles brought me back to reality quick. Marie sits down first and begins to eat her cereal seeing as I had slightly burned her favorite breakfast food. Her auburn hair has a braid in it today, a hairstyle I showed her a few days prior. "Great job on your braid, Mar! It looks very pretty with your brown eyes," I make some conversation before Dawn comes for her breakfast. "Hiya everyone! I'm here now!" Dawn skips over to the kitchen table or the "island" as the girls call it. Dawn's green eyes and straight black hair look very nice today. "Well, honey bears, your mom is probably working late tonight again so, do you guys want to see a movie? Also, I have to warn you guys that we do have some chores to complete," I explain to the girls that we have to shop for school, 2 galas, & a big shot movie premiere and their eyes begin to light up. I consider shopping a chore but, the girls always love trying on clothes. I send the girls off to finish getting ready for the day while I clean the house some. I clean for what feels like 20 minutes ends up being about 4 hours, geez! I hurry up and finish getting ready for the day. It's 1:30 when we actually leave the house and drive

to the shopping mall. After about 4 hours of looking at clothes and trying a few things on, we leave having clothes for a movie premiere and school. "Girls, I don't know if we'll find anything today for your galas so, do you want to come with me and shop for dinner tonight or go see a movie together?" I'm growing tired of seeing expensive clothes that I could never ever afford. "Dawn, let's go see a movie.. Y'know that one with that guy?" Marie suggests suspiciously. I'm not worried about them since they are very good and behave most of the time.. I give them some money and I head down to the grocery store. An hour later, I met the girls infront of the movie theater. They have a small box wrapped very nicely... I wonder who it's for.. "Lauren, we have something for you. Please, don't get mad at us but, we decided to use the money you gave us and get you something you really deserve but, you can't open it until we get back home. No peeks!" Dawn explains the gift rules to me & I can't help but put down the heavy groceries and hug them. After 3 years of working for this family, I never expected a sweet gift like this from them. Once we end our embrace, the girls help me carry some of the groceries to the car while Marie holds my present delicately... I wonder what it is.. I put the present in the trunk so, I'm not distracted while driving. The girls sit in the second row and fasten their seat belts. I put on my seat belt, start the car, and turn on the radio. "Shout me out of the sky!" Harry sings over the radio and the girls slightly freak out and sing along. Half way home, I get a call from Mrs. Leons, the girls' mom and my boss. I put her on bluetooth and turn down the radio. "Lauren, can you please bring the girls down to the hospital? No one is hurt but, I want them to meet someone very special." Mrs. Leons sounds a little starstruck but, very calm. "Yes, of course, Mrs. Leons, I can be there in about 10 minutes," I redirect myself and the girls look mortified. Whenever Mrs. Leons says she wants her daughters to meet someone very special, 9 out 10 times it's some one who is famous but, maybe older than 60 or just boring. I end the call and pull into a parking space in the hospital parking lot. Mrs. Leons sends me the room and floor number via text and says to delete the message as soon as we are outside the door... This person better be extremely famous if she's being so secretive. Dawn finds the right door and the girls just stare at the door. I delete the message and open the door for them. Dawn runs over to the left and Marie, the right. I hear them start to talk like crazy but, I just keep my head down and stand next to Mrs. Leons like she usually wants me to when the girls meet her "very special friends." "Excuse me, miss, but, what's your.. erm.. name?" a very manly and familiar voice asks..... I know that 'erm' anywhere... I slowly lift my head to see Harry Styles staring into my eyes from his hospital bed. "I'm... I'm... I'm.... Lauren. Sorry. My name is Lauren." I finally spit out.. 'Stupid! Stupid!' I start thinking to myself. "Can I please see you at least once more? I promise, love, I won't bite or anything," Harry asks cheekily and a little quietly. I write down my number, walk over, and hand it to him whispering "Call me some time," to Harry. "I'm sorry but, I just remembered I have groceries in the car. Should I take the girls home, Mrs. Leons?" I try to compose myself so I don't look too unprofessional. "Thank you, Lauren but, would you actually take Mr. Styles home instead? I'd like to spend som time with my girls," Mrs. Leons leads the girls out of the room and Harry and I walk out together. "Just what I was wishing for, more time with you. Watch out. It's about to get a little chaotic," Harry warns me. "Well, I'm a directioner so, I know what's coming," I say as cooly as I can. But, how can I keep cool?! I'm with Harry freaking Styles!!! A mob of reporters and directioners swarm us. Harry grabs my hand, squeezes tightly, and says "Thank you for your support. I'll need a while to recover but, this very sweet woman will help me get back up on stage in no time." Harry moves with me through the crowd and to his car. I get in and drive off with him in the passenger seat. "Harry, where am I going? I mean, should you even be leaving the hospital? I don't think thi-" Harry cuts me off by kissing me right on the lips. I pull over to an abandoned park, slap him kinda lightly, and tell him he can't just go kissing girls that are driving! "Hahaha. Y'know, Lauren? You're different from the other girls than any other girl I've met. Thank you for being you. Now, my house will just be swarmed with more fans so, can I please go to your house?" Harry looks so sorry & I can't stay mad at him. I explain that I'm a nanny to Marie and Dawn & some of my life story on the way there. I pull into the drive way & Mrs. Leons' car is here so, I park behind her car. Harry gets out, opens my door, opens the trunk and gets the groceries. "What are you doing? You're a celebrity & I'm the help. Your job's to sing and mine is to carry the groceries," I ask a little stunned. "No, you're not just the help, you're an amazing girl who deserves at least one night off. So, you can take that little present in the trunk & go on up to your room. Tonight, as a thank you, I'm making my famous dinner," Harry says so sweetly. He opens the door for me and walks to the kitchen. I walk upstairs, close my door, and jump on my bed with my present from Dawn and Marie. Wondering what is inside, I shake the small box like a wrapped present on Christmas morning. I carefully take off the wrapping and open the box. Inside the box were 2 One Direction VIP tickets good for literally all access to everything One Direction. My dream has finally come true... I'm going to see One Direction in concert! I open my door and run to go find Dawn and Marie to thank them for their amazing gift. instead, I run into Harry. "Wait, I have something for you. I mean, I said before that I'd love to see you so, please, come see me in concert sometime with a friend. These will get you all access to everything One Direction. So, will you use them?" Harry asks handing me 2 more VIP One Direction tickets. I think I fainted or fangirled but, I can't really remember what happened next. I hugged Harry & probably said thank you way too many times. I finally had tickets for Dawn, Marie, Courtney, & me to go see One Direction in concert. I feel like I've just died & gone to Heaven. I called the girls for dinner and everything felt perfect until Mrs. Leons brought me back down to Earth when she ordered me to talk to her privately. I walk over to a corner of the room where she was standing. We watched Harry and the girls wash the dishes. "Lauren, that is your job. My daughters are not suppose to lift a finger & look! They're actually working! This is disgraceful. Also, I can tell that you have something for Mr. Styles but, he is a guest here! So, serve him like one! He's not a stupid boy for you to mess around with! And if I do catch you with him, you'll be fired and sent back with reviews that will chase away any potential clients. Is this clear?" Mrs. Leons has never ever been like this before & she was practically scream whispering. I nodded and took over the dishes. After I finished, I went to my room, closed the door silently, & cried myself to sleep. There's so much to lose right now between my dream & my dream boy whisking me away or my reality crushing everything I've known for the last 18 years into bite size pieces. How will I be able to handle all of this pressure?

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