One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


19. The Wait Is Over

**Harry's POV**

Well, this has been the longest I've ever waited to have a first date but, she's absolutely worth waiting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks that I have. Watching her walk towards me, I can feel her slowly taking my breath away... She's stolen my heart, breath, and she's filled my mind with her wonderful smile, laugh, and I could never get over how her eyes sparkle.. "Harry... Harry? Are you ready to go?" I can hear her calling back to me. "Oh yes! I'm grand but.. just.. Wow... You look... Wow.." is all I mangage to spit out. "Haha! Thank you, don't look too bad yourself, handsome!" She giggles and kisses me on the cheek. I take her hand and lead her to the door. I want to tonight to be special. It's our first date! Even though it may be our first date, I vow to never make it our last, as long as she loves me. I open the door for her and I watch her glide gracefully out of the door. Man, how'd I get this lucky? "Well, what are we doing tonight?" Lauren asks. "It's a surprise.." I say trying to be mysterious. "I know this sounds strange but do you mi-" Lauren begins.. "Don't worry about the game, love.. You'll get to see it. Liam and Niall are watching it for you, even though they don't know a thing about ice hockey." I say, giving her a slight peck on the lips. She'll get to see the game, alright, closer than she thinks. I open her car door for her and then I hop into the driver's seat. "Are you ready?" I ask nervously.. I hope Lauren can't tell how nervous I am right now! We may have saved each other from Natalie but, I still get the stupid butterflies in my stomach every time I'm around her.. I hope I don't screw things up. "This road looks fairly familiar.. I wonder where we're going.." she gazes out of the window and then turns to me. Her eyes are shining like diamonds as she becomes curious and tries to rattle the secret location out of me! "Oh no, you don't! You're not getting a thing out of me," I try to say.. I stil sounds nervous.. We finally arrive. HP Pavillion, home of the San Jose Sharks.. Her favorite sports team. "Harry... This is awesome!" She screams and kisses me.. Ah.. Tonight is going to be grand. "Well, I'm glad you like it.. This isn't the full surprise but, let me grab your jersey from the trunk," I smile.. She looks happier than a child on Christmas morning opening up a present to find a small, fluffy puppy like in the old storybooks. I throw on an old jersey Court lent me and I give Lauren her's. I think I'm wearing her father's old jersey as I see a tiny tear from her eye begin to brim over. "I'm sorry if this upsets you, dear. I'll take it off," I begin. "No, please don't.. it's perfect," she adds. I see tiny tears of joy float down her pale cheek. I take her hand once again and she nearly drags me into the arena. "Harry Styles and date, checking in," I tell security. I see her eyes widen... I guess she's never seen a security guard as big and tall as he was before. "This way, Mr. Styles," the security guard, Dan, leads the way. After a quick walk through a hall or two, we arrive at the bench. The home team bench. She looks shocked.. I was I had a camera to take a picture of her beautiful face as her expression changed from excited to beyond belief.. "Harry, you didn't! I can't believe you did!" she screams a little.. I told you, didn't I? "Excuse me, miss, but, how can someone a beautiful angel like you be into ice hockey?" I overhear. We both look up to Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Dan Boyle, and Ryan Clowe looking down and talking to us.. These guys were huge! I nearly flipped out when I saw Lauren's jaw drop. This may have been her dream date but, it was my nightmare! "Hi, I'm Ryan and these are Jo-" The larger blonde one starts. "You're Ryan Clowe, left wing. Joe "Big Joe or Jumbo Joe" Thornton, center. Patrick Marleau, captain, and Dan "Dany" Boyle, defenseman. I'm a huge fan!" She lists.. Whoa.. I can't tell if I'm jealous of all these large, talented, and pretty handsome guys having Lauren's attention or if I love how dedicated of a fan she is! Urgh! Now, I'm confused and nervous.. "C'mon, let's let them warm up now, Lauren. We can go to our seats and watch..." I start but, they invite her to skate with them & she begins to lace up some boots! She pulls me out with her but, I sip and fall. Ooowwwww... "Haz! Are you okay? That looked like it hurt," she skates over quickly towards me.. I guess I shouldn't be so jealous. She's a dedicated fan to the Sharks but, she's a dedicated lover to me, no one else. "Lauren," I begin, "I love you so much." I say so out of breath.. I knocked the wind out of myself and seeing those little blue crystals staring back into my eyes wasn't helping. She kissed me for what felt like forever and helped me over to the bench. "Harry, I love you too. I always have and I know I always will." She took off her skates and we walked to our seats, next to the bench (I would have taken them off for her but, again, I know nothing about ice hockey!) I put my arm around her while we watched warm ups. She taught me everything she knew about the game and I was cheering by the middle of the 1st period. As long as she loves me, I'll do anything for this girl, 'she's my one special lady' as Ed would say... I wonder how the boys are doing right now. After the game is over and the Sharks had won, we talked with the players, got signed memorabilia and pictures, I drove home with Lauren sleeping in my passenger seat. I didn't want this night to end but, I had to be a gentleman. "Lauren, love, wake up," I whisper & kiss her cheek until her lashes flutter.. Ah wow. "Whoops! Haha! Sorry about that! Well, good night." She quickly unbuckle from her seat and runs to the Leons' house. I stand by the door and I walk to the driver's side slowly when I see Lauren run out from the front door. "You didn't think I'm letting you leave without another kiss, did you, dear?" Lauren whispers into my ear. Our kiss makes me feel like the world as stopped and there's nothing but, she and I. She kisses my neck, winks, and whispers to me, "Sweet dreams, Mr. Styles!" Oh! She's such a flirt! She's killing me over here! I laugh because she knows I want her, right now, badly. She saunters off back into the house and I watch her light turn off before pulling away. What a fantastic date! I want all of our dates to be like that except for the end... I never want there to be one... Just she and I forever.. The world stopped around us. What a perfect fantasy.... Now, if I can only make that a reality,,,,

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