One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


21. That One Night (Warning: this is pretty sexual!)

*Lauren's POV*

I really love Harry. I wanted to show him. How? Well.... There is ONE way but, I don't know if it's the way I want to take. Or if I'm even ready. Well, it's almost 1 in the afternoon! "Lauren! Lauren, where are you?" I hear Mrs. Leons calling. "Oh! Yes, Mrs. Leons, I'm in the kitchen," I call back to her. My hands were wet from washing the dishes. Mrs. Leons never did like dishwashers, washers, or dryers so, I do basically everything by hand! I didn't mind. Mrs. Leons was getting ready to leave for the annual "Girls Week" in whatever exotic place Dawn or Marie wanted to go. I know what you're thinking... Mrs. Leons is really from a super rich family after her father retired and won the lottery.... Twice. She's just a nurse for community service mostly and she doesn't want to live off of her father's money. I'd applaud her for that but, to be honest, the girls were still growing up in a very comfortable and lavish society, around these parts. Marie tells me that the only way Dawn and she get to experience the real world and learn independence is through me.. My thoughts begin to wander off of how it would have been if I grew up in Dawn & Marie's shoes.. "Lauren!" Mrs. Leons calls again. "Oh I'm sorry! I'm coming!" I reply. I turn off the water, dry my hands, and scurry towards the sound of Mrs. Leons' voice. "Oh, there you are! I know you already know all the phone numbers, emergency places, the routes, but, I just want to tell you one thing before we leave..." I find Mrs. Leons in her office, sitting at her desk. This year, I guess, the girls want to go to Rome, Italy again since Mrs. Leons had a shirt that read "Pasta, Pizza, Manga!" that Dawn gave her a couple years ago. "Yes, Mrs. Leons, what's that?" I ask.. Why do I feel so nervous now.. I mean, I have Harry to protect me. "I don't want you anywhere near Mr. Harry Styles. You're here to serve him. I know you love his band and music but, don't get any funny ideas, missy. I'll fire you, on the spot, if I think you're hiding something, even in front of the girls.. Are we clear?" Mrs. Leons gave me the meanest glare I'd ever received from her. I feel like she's judging harshly me even after everything I have gone through with them. "Y-yes, Mrs. Leons. I understand. I don't want to disappoint you," I stutter a tad.. Oh no. I must look so foolish. "I know you don't and won't, dearest!" Mrs. Leons laughed as she gave me a huge hug.. Wow.. I've never been embraced like this before. I've forgotten a mother's touch so easily. "Well, the girls are in the car and the bags are too. the only thing missing is me! Arrividerci!" Mrs. Leons said as she walked out the front door. I walked to the driveway and waved to Dawn and Marie as Mrs. Leons slowly backed down the driveway.. I miss them every single time. I know every year the girls beg Mrs. Leons to let me come with them but, this was their bonding time and I didn't want to ruin that for any of them. I walked back to the kitchen and made some lunch for Harry. Tacos.. His favorite, of course. I set each fragile crispy taco gently on the plate and begin to start my journey towards Harry's room. "Knock knock! Sleepyhead, I have lunch for you.." I tease while tip toeing into his room. Shockingly, Harry is still snoring... Oh brother. "Harry, oh Harryyyy.." I call close by his ear. He begins to moan a tad... Hehe! "Harry, Harry!" I call again while I slowly put my hand on his, still laying outside his sheet. Urgh... Sometimes, I wish I was underneath that sheet instead of being out here.. Suddenly, I can feel his hand grip mine tighter. I put the tacos on the night stand and I lean down to kiss him. "Harry, love, do wake up please," I whisper as i see him begin to wake up. "Harry, it's almost 1 in the afternoon. I have some tacos for you!" I kiss him and I can feel the life in his lips as his form perfectly to mine. Pulling back, I see the emeralds that I am in love with. His smile spreads slowly and melts me on the inside fairly quickly... I don't want him to see that yet though! I place the tacos down on his lap as he sits up and I feel a.... "boy scout campfire ground.." Harry begins to blush wildly and trying to sound seductive, I walk away while saying, "Hurry up & finish those tacos! I;ve got something special for you.... And only you." I run downstairs in excitement. I'm ready... Harry is my one true love. I know people may think that this entire relationship is too fast, too secret, and too deep but, I say look at Romeo & Juliet! They were married the day after they met! I want Harry. I want him to know how much I really love him. Tonight is that night for me to start.


**Harry's POV**

Lauren has something special for me? I need her and want her so bad... I quickly finish the tacos and put some clothes on. I want Lauren and her little surprise for me.. I walk downstairs, looking for her. "Lauren, love... Where are you?" I try to say cheekily.. "Harryyyy, oh Harry! I thought you'd never come down," I can hear her calling to me from the living room. Slowly, I creep towards the living room. I see her, laying there on the couch. Her shiny golden hair, falling to the ground, next to her... clothes... and she's under a blanket. "Love, you don't know how much I want you.." I say inching towards her.. Please, please let this be real.. 'Wait, maybe I shouldn't do this.. I want to be a gentleman.; I think to myself. 'Is there something wrong, Harry? I mean, we don't have to do this.." Lauren begins to get up and wrap the blanket around her. "No, I mean, yes but, no.. I.. Just! Urgh... Lauren, dearest, I love you and I do want to show you in every way I can but, maybe this isn't for us yet. I want to be a gentleman and treat you like a princess, like you should be treated. As a boy, I want to say yes so badly but, I have to be a gentleman and say not yet," I start.. "Oh who am I teasing?! Lauren, I have wanted you forever & I just can't hide it anymore! Say you'll have me forever? I'll never let you go and I'll tell you how much I love you in every way, every minute, every seco-" I say, but Lauren's kisses cut me off as her lips move around my jaw line and down my neck "every.. every... Oh wait.. Erhm.. What was I saying?" I lose myself in mist of everything.. I lost all control as soon as she kisses my neck. I throw her onto the couch and rip off my shirt and pants. "If you're going to bang me... You're going to have to catch me first, Styles," she says as she lets the blanket fall, exposing her undergarments. She takes off running. This is going to get extremely wild. "Harryyy, oh Harrrrryyyyy..." I keep hearing her call.. I finally find her.. She's peeking around  the stairs. She's caught off guard as I pin her against the wall. "I found you," I say extra cheekily. "So, what are you going to do to me now?" she asks. I pretend to think of a plan, even though I've had this secretly planned out since the day I met her. "That's for me to know & you to find out.." I whisper & suddenly scoop her up in my arms and bring her into my room. We stare into each other's eyes lovingly... I've never felt this crazy in love or wild with passion before about anyone. Lauren must be my other half.... my soul mate... my one perfect true love. "Lauren, you know, I love you so much," I say, I feel nearly out of breathe. She keeps taking my breathe away.. "Harry, you've got a little something.." I start to feel embarrassed as i set her down. "Uh.. Where?" I ask quietly.. "Right.. here!" She says as she slowly pulls down my boxers a bit.. Urgh! I just want her hands all over my body! "Honey, can I tell you something?" I ask seductively whisper.. "Of course, sugar."

"You're killing me here by teasing me so much.."

"Oh? Can I tell you something, too?" she whispers again

"Of course, baby. What is it?" I continue to whisper

"I love teasing you like this!" she whispers once more. Ah! Lauren! "Get onto the bed. I've waited long enough.." I say with a fire in my voice as I walk over to the bed where she lie in wait. 


*Hours Later*

**Lauren's POV**

I'm so in love with Harry. I don't even know how I've lived without him for so long. I want to tell the entire world but, only Courtney knows mostly what happened so far.. I snuggle close into Harry's chest and look into his eyes. "Lauren, we need to talk.." he starts slowly.. I feel so unprepared and embarrassed. I've always been insecure about my body, personality, & every single thing in between. Harry just made me feel so beautiful and I hope what he says next won't leave me going back into that dark mind set again.. "I want you to go away with me on tour, live with me... In short, never ever leave me. I love you so much & I know that I'm going to ache every day without you. I've never found a love like yours before. Together we can be wild, passionate, crazy, & basically myself. So, honey dear, what do you say? Move in with me? Come on tour? Be mine forever?" Harry seems as though he's spilling over.. I'm glad I did a good job, being my first time and all. "Yes." I say.. "Yes.. to which question?" he asks. "All of them, forever and ever," I reply. His smile grows to probably the biggest smile I've ever seen from him... He's finally mine... And, this is only day one! ;)

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