One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


14. She Calls Me A Stranger.. A Traveler

**Ed Sheeran's POV**

I saw her, hung up against the wall. This Natalie bird must be pretty nutty if she's torturing Lauren. "Lauren... Lauurrreeennnn...." I sing quietly to wake her up.. The hench man has already fallen asleep.. This will be too easy.. Liam and I tip toe over to her. "Smoke alarm went off at 5.. She left a note, 'i'll be back in fivee' I'm still waiting for that moment t-" I begin to sing.. Liam finishes, "Hey, eh! I was told to put my job in front of you! But, that won't hold me.." "Like you do.." Niall and Zayn harmonize in.. "I do it for the love.." Harry tries.. Poor lad.. His eyes well up quickly and Lou continues for him, "Waiting on the Gold Rush." Courtney looks paralyzed. I wave my hands in front of her darkly rund waterfall eyes.. She doesn't responded with words but her body begins to shake like a large building during an earthquake. Suddenly, I see Niall, Zayn, and Courtney are gone... I hear muffled voices behind me but, I see nothing but blackness. I try to hold Courtney while Liam and Harry try to free Lauren but, I remember she's gone.. Why have they disappeared? What the hell is going on?! I ask myself... "You need me, man, I don't need you!" I sing loudly.. Hopefully scaring off whoever was there.. or what was there.. "W--- Wa--" Lauren begins to whisper.. I run to her.. I can't lose her.. Harry tries to hold her face while Liam takes hold of her hand, barely trapped anymore.. "Who are you guys? Where is Mom? Where's Dad? I'm not suppose to talk to strangers! Help!" Lauren spits.. Oh no... Amnesia.. It has to be.. Harry looks like he's seen a ghost or dead body laid in front of him..  He might as well have.. I could tell, he really loved this girl because, he started to sob into my shoulder. I haven't seen him cry like this in a very long time.. "Okay, do you know how old you are, lovely? It;s very important we know," Liam tried to reason with her,,, 10 years old... She thinks she's 10, meaning that she's forgotten about me, One Direction, high school, & even worse falling in love with my mate, who's bawling into my shoulder.. "Are you a traveler, mister?" Lauren calms down and stares deep into my eyes... "I'm falling for your eyes but, they don't know me yet.." Harry sings as he tries to "man up." His chest heavily rises and falls as he continues.. He frees Lauren and Liam is suddenly gone.. I'm nervous now... 'Who's next? Come on, don't be shy... It will only hurt a great deal...." I hear a woman's evil voice say and I hear her evil laugh... It still haunts me and plays like an annoying ringtone in your head... Muhahahahaha! "I like you... But, that boy keeps trying to kiss me," Lauren comes up to me and squeezes me tightly.. Did she just fal in love with me? Harry looks as though he's going to faint.. Poor lad.. "Let's focus on getting out first, eh?' I try to divert from her comment.. What the hell am I going to do?! Hearing a loud crash and break.. I see Lauren on the cold hard floor.. I think she broke a few bones.. Harry passes out next.. Aiming to lie with her.. He loses consciousness while holding her hand... If only she knew what that bloke would do for her.. Suddenly, I felt a blow being hit to the back of my head and it feels ike water coming down my back like water from the shower head.. I guess this recuse misson will take longer than expected...

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