One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


13. I'm Not Done Yet..


**Natalie's POV**

I see her laying there... Sleeping, she's so peaceful looking. It makes me sick! "GET UP!" I yell. I can see the terror fill her eyes like a leak in a roof fill a small bowl during a storm. i think I might have driven her past sanity and mild insanity.. She hums and says random gibberish al day and all night until her body gives up or unti she falls asleep. "Harrrryyyyyy... Courtneyyyyyyyy.. Are going to save meeeeee! Nialllllllll... Zaynnnnnn.... and Lou! They're going to get youuuuuuuuuuuu!!" She sings at the top of her lungs... Sometimes I feel like I'm the one being tortured here! "Look, today, I'm going to let you go! Now, Let's get your things... oh wait... You have nothing!" I tease her. She looks longingly at the ceiling, what the hell is wrong with this chick.. "Your friends are so dumb that no one has tried to call you. The boys are dipsticks since they used you for one night and then left you alone to feel mistreated! Your sister is so stupid. She wouldn't ever figure out you were down here! And don't get me even started with your parents!" my mouth blasts off like a rocket and I don't want to stop. She tackles me and we struggle for a while. Lenny and Franky just watch even as i scream to them. I'm going to kill this girl and then kill them! She lectures me as she ties me in her bloodied chains that Lenny does every two to three hours a day. God, she is so boring with her lectures and cries. Once she frees me, I pin her against the wall and the boys ties her up. "Now you help!" I scream and hit them both in the head. Suddenly, she begins to sob... But, why? Then she stops and I hit her in head.. I had enough of her for one day! She passes out and I walk away thinking that somehow, the room looked different. The heavy, bolted door wasn't open but, maybe the wind blew open the Medieval door.. Whatever. I lock  in Franky for the night. He can do whatever he wants with that whore. I don't care anymore. I don't see any rewards or warrants out yet so, I'm not going to come out that I have her yet. I hope some rewards come out soon. I can't take this girl anymore! If there are none by 5AM tomorrow evening, I'll kill her myself. I hope Harry notices me after this.. After I saved him from that little slutty whore! She doesn't deserve him! I deserve him! I've always loved him! He was mine first! He'll be mine forever! Mine, I tell you mine!


**Lauren's POV**

I barely can hang on to my sanity down here but, I act like I've lost it a long time ago. I think I've been in here for about a week and a half now... I'm growing used to everything here. That's really the only thing I'm terrified of anymore. I know Natalie, Lenny, and Franky will abuse me in every way they can think of (yes, even that one we all are thinking of but, no one wants to say aloud.. Rape.) Franky is planning to try since I overheard him discussing it with Lenny but, Lenny says that "he's too good for that!" It absolutely sickens me that they think they can do whatever they want to me and get away with it. I sing my daily song. "Harrrryyyyyy... Courtneyyyyyyyy.. Are going to save meeeeee! Nialllllllll... Zaynnnnnn.... and Lou! They're going to get youuuuuuuuuuuu!!" I sing it to Natalie and she covers her ears as usual. She starts her rampage early. This is odd but, I tune her out until I hear her talk about Courtney and my parents. I jump to my feet and tackle her with the most rage and adrenaline I've ever felt. I want to make her pay for literally my entire childhood and this last week. I'm exhausted, abused, and  probably should be in the hospital for all the diseases I've contracted here but, I punch my hardest punch ever right between her eyes. "Get off of me! Frank! Lenny! Get this slut off of me," Natalie yells again. I sock her straight in the mouth and find some heavy chains they had been whipping me with and tie her up. "Now, I've been listening to you for too long. You don't even know my past, let alone my first name! What gives you the right to call me a slut and whore and torture me like this?! Huh? What do you even want to know?! Tell me! I'd tell you everything and cooperate! I'm against violence and cruelty and this week, I've seen and experienced more than I ever had heard of in my life. So, who are you? Who do you think you are? Taking me from my remaining family, which I work for! Yes, I have nothing. Nothing that you would care about or dream of like I do. I want an education! I want peace and love to be the only thing that can be expected of everyone, no questions asked. I want my childhood to not seem so cruel and messed up so I when I finally have my own family, I can be proud of what I did and how I handled myself. Now, I'm going to let you go and I will walk out of the door, by myself. If you ever bother me, my loved one, or anyone else again, I will take what's most precious to you, your life." That must have been my adrenaline talking because I've never felt that upset or messed up in my life. i undo Natalie's chains and she pins me to the wall. I'm tied up by Lenny and Franky that come quickly after Natalie calls. So much for coming out of this alive... Just then, Harry runs in. "Lauren! I'm here!" I begin to cry. But, he stands there.. Maybe I am losing my sanity... No! Wait, I'm not! There's Courtney, Niall, &... Ed Sheeran? They all whisper and signal to me to not give their hiding places away. I try not to smile or look as though anyone was trying to save me! it was easy since Natalie hits me in my head, right above my right ear.. I feel blood pouring out of my ear like water falling from your shower head. Sadly, I was used to this too since I had been bleeding from practically every part of my body this entire week. I loose consciousness in the next minute. Grade 8 lyrics come into my head and just repeat and repeat and repeat.. 'My mind is a warrior...' Sometimes, I wish I was dead already. But, I guess my mind will never give up like the lyrics say.. My mind is a warrior and I have to be a true heart, not a follower. I'm not done yet. 

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