One Direction is just touring the US again. A stop in sunny California which only was suppose to last one night turns into an adventure impossible for the boys to forget. Two girls dreams were coming true.. But, will it last or will reality shatter their dreams? (You'll just have to read & find out!)


3. I'll have a date with a side of toast with jam..

*The next day*

**Harry's POV**

"Good morning, Har-, I mean, Mr. Styles. Would you like me to start making your breakfast now?" I hear a very sweet voice ask me... Wait, I know that voice. Oh! It's Lauren! But, why is she calling me Mr. Styles? "Lauren, love, you don't have to call me anything but, Harry or make my breakfast. Really, I have no trouble making it for myself," I try to tell her still waking up. "I'm afraid that I'm also not allowed to see you romantically. You're a guest to Mrs. Leons and I should serve you like one. I've wanted this day to come for so long & now is the wrong time. I'm really sorry, Mr. Styles," she looks like she wants to burst into tears as she tells me this. "I'm sorry but, I have to wake up the girls for breakfast now so, excuse me," she excuses herself & I can hear her begin to cry a little. "Please, don't go. I need you," I whisper to myself. I feel very sleepy but, messed up inside after her wake up call. I decide my best remedy is to take a shower. I turn on the hot water & try to forget my troubles. I can't stop thinking about her though. She's all that's on my mind. I really want to talk to the boys now. They'd cheer me up & I'd love for them to meet this sweet family! I get out after a good 10 minutes & walk to the kitchen. Dawn's eyes are fixed on her breakfast like Niall's would be & Marie tells Lauren about her dream last night. "So, what can I make for you, Mr. Styles?" Lauren asks me. Her eyes still look a bit red but, she hasn't put on make up yet since nothing was running down her face. She still looked beautiful though. Those eyes were like her crowning jewel, how they changed from light blue with green & hazel specks lighting up when she was happy or laughing to when her eyes turned to a gray or transparent orbs signaling she was upset or had been crying. You could see the hazel & green specks coming back to life as the blue slowly reappearing as she waited for my breakfast order. "Uh.. Mr. Styles?" she seemed confused. I must look so stupid! "Oh! I'm sorry! Erm... Uh... How about some bacon & eggs? Do we have the paper yet?" I give her my order. "Sure thing! I'll get started on your bacon & how do you want your eggs?" She asks the green specks in her eyes started dancing & I was in a trance.... Marie must have noticed my actions because she handed me some morning tea & jabbed my side with the paper. "Ow! Hey! That really hurt!" I begin to mock myself. "Harry! Pst! Come here!" She pretends to drop the paper & whisper to me. "Yes, Marie? You jabbed for me?" I whisper back & climb down under the table. "Look! I really love Lauren. I feel like she's my oldest sister! So, I know what she wants & that's to go out on a double date with you, Louis, & her actual younger sister, Courtney! You know how my mom doesn't want to catch you two together so, I'll help you! So, what do you say?" She whispers quickly & sneakily. "Really?! You'll help me? Thank you so much, Marie! But, how will you & Dawn keep Lauren & me a secret from your mom for so long?" I ask her somewhat excitedly. I don't even listen to her response & I begin to think of the perfect way to ask Lauren out on a date! "Uh.... Mr. Styles, your bacon & eggs are ready. I guess, I'll just go get ready," Lauren starts to walk away. "Wait! No!" I hit my head. "Ow! That actually really hurt!" I whimper a little bit. "Lauren, please, come to dinner with me tonight. I'll invite Louis & you can invite a friend. What do you say?" I ask as smoothly as I can with sounding too excited. "Well... I'd love to. I'll be ready at 8 o'clock after I put the girls to bed," she whispers to me. She runs off to go get ready for the day & I begin to eat my eggs. Of course, I think of the perfect way to ask Lauren now..... 'I'll have a date with you & a side of toast with jam!' Urgh! Oh well, I can't wait until 8 tonight. My dream is coming true.

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